John Cena admits Conor McGregor would make a fantastic WWE superstar

  • Raza Kazi

WWE is always on the hunt to work with relevant celebrities and athletes who can help draw in some huge ratings, so it’s clear why the signing of Ronda Rousey is such a massive deal as she’s probably the biggest signing WWE has ever made.

The company has a habit of bringing stars in regularly, especially towards WrestleMania season and there are plenty of names they have worked with before Rousey officially became a part of the WWE roster.


Snoop Dogg, Mr. T, Floyd Mayweather, Shaquille O’Neal – the list can go on.


Despite that, recently caught up with Cena to discuss his upcoming Blockers movie where he stated that McGregor would be welcome to join WWE and admits he wants to see him in the company.

He said: “He would do fantastic, hell, he would put me out of work.

“He gets the entertainment aspect of sport, and I think he gets it as good, or better than anyone else. The way he promoted the fight against [Floyd] Mayweather – that’s what we do. He did it as good, or better than us.

“I hope one day, if you’re out there watching and you want to come to WWE, he would be a fantastic WWE superstar.”

It’s clear why Cena wants him there, as he’s a bona fide star who demands attention. However, based on his previous comments on WWE and its roster, he might not be welcomed with open arms.

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