Why Rey Mysterio's WWE return could be delayed until late 2018

  • Raza Kazi

As soon as his music hit the PA system at the Royal Rumble, the immediate assumption from fans was that sooner or later, the WWE was going to re-sign Rey Mysterio at some point.

The reaction alone spoke volumes, as the company did a good job to keep the news quiet. Since then, it had been speculated that the former WWE Champion could play a role at WrestleMania 34. However, John Cena came out and shot down the claims that he specifically asked the company to let him compete against Mysterio or Samoa Joe.


Despite that setback - along with the fact that Mysterio's bicep injury wasn’t as bad as many feared - a return seemed inevitable relatively soon.


According to Ringside News, Meltzer said: “At least three Rey Mysterio matches.

“He said he wanted to wrestle Liger. Will Ospreay - Will Ospreay challenged Rey. Rey wanted to wrestle Liger because he felt he owed that match. Marty Scurll came out and unmasked Rey.

“So, you got those three matches. Ospreay challenged him for the Junior title, so I would figure that one of those matches would be at the Cow Palace and probably one of them would be at Dominion. Maybe they will do another one at the Dontaku show. They could still start him on WWE TV and have him do the matches he’s committed to. I mean, it is possible that they do that.”

So, it sounds like Mysterio’s WWE arrival could depend on whether the company lets him participate in any agreed matches he has in place. With Meltzer claiming that his New Japan return might be towards the summer because of his injury, it means WWE fans might be waiting a little while for his official comeback.

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