What Ashley Williams wrote about Luis Suarez in his 2012 book was stunning


Luis Suarez is a brilliant footballer but he's rubbed a few people the wrong way during his career.

His public clashes with Patrice Evra and Giorgio Chiellini, coupled with his reputation for falling as a diver and generally an annoying player to go up against, mean Suarez isn’t held up as one of football’s shining lights.

Pepe Reina, who played with Suarez at Liverpool, perhaps described the Uruguayan perfectly in 2015.

“He’s a ‘street’ player and I mean that as a compliment,” Reina said, per the Daily Mail.

“He’s a livewire, always on the edge, pushing the opposition back. And he’s a born winner - in every training session at Liverpool I wanted to be on his team.

Playing against someone that tenacious must be a nightmare. Indeed, it was all too much for Everton defender Ashley Williams who, in 2012, lashed out at Suarez in his book.

Then playing for Swansea, Williams accused the striker of being a serial cheat and admitted that he wanted to “knock him out” after one particular contest.

What Williams wrote about Luis Suarez

“Suarez has that aura about him that says, ‘I’m untouchable’, and his manner and behaviour made me want to knock him out,” Williams said, referring to a 0-0 draw between Swansea and Liverpool in 2011.

“The manner in which he approached the game, with utter contempt for us all, means that he's streets ahead of any player I've truly disliked since we've been in the Premier League.

“He dived more than any other player I've played against - it was so bad I was genuinely shocked. 

“Throughout the game, he just dived down and screamed at any given moment.

"A couple of times I'd hear the scream, see him writhing on the floor and for the life of me couldn't see where the contact could have been.”

Swansea City v Liverpool - Premier League

Williams has since clarified his comments

Williams and Suarez went head-to-head once again this afternoon, with Uruguay defeating Wales 1-0 in the China Cup.

Ahead of the reunion, the centre-back clarified what he meant by those 2012 comments.

"It's not like that in reality,” he said. “Obviously I was angry and I made more of it than it was.

“I only wanted to say in that moment that he's the toughest forward I've faced in the Premier League."

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