James Ellsworth reveals his favourite moment from WWE run


Over the last two years, the WWE Universe was occasionally treated to a number of appearances from James Ellsworth.

The jobber developed a cult following after he was squashed by Braun Strowman on Raw in 2016.

Why? because moments before that he cut a promo suggesting that “anyone with two hands” had a fighting chance of beating Braun... he was wrong, obviously. 

For a couple of months, that was all we saw of Ellsworth, but he returned to WWE TV in September 2016 as a mystery tag-team partner for AJ Styles.

Yes - WWE World Champion AJ Styles.

A couple of weeks later, “The Phenomenal One” declared that he wanted to face Ellsworth in a non-title match on Smackdown - fancying an easy win.

But Dean Ambrose was made guest referee for the match - and ensured that AJ was defeated. Yes, Ellsworth actually got a win against the WWE World Champion.

Things got even better for him the following week - as Ellsworth was granted a title match on Smackdown. 


Thanks again to Ambrose, Ellsworth beat Styles - but it was via disqualification, meaning he didn't get his hands on the championship.

With the fans behind him, Ellsworth continued to appear on WWE TV, both helping and hindering Ambrose in his feud with Styles.

His run culminated in December 2016, in yet another championship match with AJ. This time, there was no outside interference and Styles beat his opponent within a minute. 


Ellsworth then went on to form an on-screen partnership with Carmella and began accompanying her to the ring. 

During his time as Carmella's manager, he had a 15-second Royal Rumble appearance and even his own WrestleMania moment as he was ringside during the six-pack challenge for the Smackdown Women's Championship. 

Ellsworth ended his on-screen relationship with Carmella in November 2017 and was released by WWE soon after. But it's fair to say he had quite a run with plenty of highlights. 


But what was his best moment? Well, according to Ellsworth himself, there's something that stands out. 

"If you're asking what my favorite moment was, it was wrestling for the WWE title," he said, per Wrestling Inc.  

"It's AJ Styles, who's the best wrestler in the world, in a main event match on SmackDown, my favorite moment."


There we have it. He didn't pick his WrestleMania appearance, that perhaps many in his position would have. 

However, his match against AJ Styles will probably be the defining moment of his career - and likely one that he'll never experience again, especially in the WWE.  

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