Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel actually compliment Halo following Australian Grand Prix

  • Sayan Das

The new safety device called Halo was seen in action for the first time at the Australian Grand Prix and appeared to provide the drivers with an added benefit. 

Implemented to offer extra head protection for the drivers during an accident, the Halo was on show for all 20 racers on Sunday. 

Kimi Raikkonen was asked about the new device in the aftermath of the race, and somewhat surprisingly, only had only positive things to say about it. 

“I was no different than in testing or at any other point and I think it definitely doesn’t disturb you at all,” Raikkonen said.

“I think it was helpful here because of the sun; when it’s coming in at the right height, it’s blocking the sun in the eyes.”

The race started at 4:10pm local time, which meant that the sun was at a low height around that time. 

Raikkonen’s teammate and race winner Sebastian Vettel also agreed with the Finn, saying that the Halo certainly helped with the settling sun and the only negative that he noticed was when he was waving to the fans. 

“So, I think it was only beneficial here, and it’s safer. Maybe people don’t like how it looks, but you know, it might make a difference for us one day and it’s a good thing to have.”

“During the race, it was no issue. As Kimi said, it even helped. It worked like a sun visor, so that helped.

“In the parade lap, that’s when it was bothering because you couldn’t see so well the people in the grandstands. I was trying to find, is it better to look below, or… wasn’t tall enough to get above. Other than that, no difference.”

The first race of the year saw the German off to a good start, beating current champion Lewis Hamilton to top spot. 

Although, the Brit came in at second place and will look to bounce back as soon as possible. 

Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull finished fourth, while Spaniard Fernando Alonso settled for fifth place. 

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