Gear.Club: Getting the most from your Performance Shop

These are the tips and tricks you need

Every successful racing driver needs a first-class garage and Eden Games’ high-octane simulator Gear.Club is no different.

Following the arrows during races is a useful guide to keeping your car on the road and in good condition but sometimes this isn’t possible, even for the best drivers.

So what happens when you need to make the all-important performance-related improvements?

You head to the Performance Shop.

Much of Gear.Club’s appeal comes not just in the racing experience but in what you can do behind the scenes to build high-performing, stunning race cars.

The Performance Shop serves as your sanctuary, for Gear.Club isn’t simply a pick-up-and-race game. It’s vitally important to spend time and effort in developing the Performance Shop and the specific areas within it to ensure you’re not left eating dust on the road.

A service will restore the condition of your car but Gear.Club’s range of performance-enhancing options can be broken down into more extensive detail, including mechanical, paint, body and tyre stations.

Prioritising engine and gearbox improvements will improve your car’s rating and help you win more races but it’s important to pay attention to the other areas too. They may not be as flashy but they are just as important to race-day success.

Reach level 10, for example, and you can add a wind tunnel to bolster your vehicle’s aerodynamics by fine-tuning its streamlining and stability at high speed.

A necessary evil arrives in the importance of upgrading the various workshops. Adding new parts is key to getting the most out of your cars but the more advanced parts can only be built if the specific areas are at the required level.

Simply put, make sure your Performance Shop is constantly updated.

There are monetary gains to be had in this, too. It may not seem appealing to spend coins on renovating the paint workshop when a better engine will have a tangible impact on performance but doing so could contribute to an achievement and result in extra currency.

You will notice as you progress through the game that installing upgrades takes longer to complete.

Spending gold is one way to speed up the process but there’s another trick that won’t eat into those valuable coins you possess.

Occasionally a video icon will appear when you order an upgrade or put your car in for a service; it’s simply the game asking you to watch an advert.

Tap the icon, watch a 30-second ad and return to find a sizeable chunk of the wait time on the upgrade or service wiped off.

And Gear.Club takes on a new dimension when the Hiring Centre is unlocked at level 5.

Here is where you employ more mechanics and engineers and turn your garage into a hive of activity.

Recruiting more staff will allow you to delegate multiple tasks at once, making sure you won’t have to wait when you want an upgrade on one of your cars.

One potential employee comes with a perfect 100 rating for both building and mechanic skills. They come at a high price but you’ll be grateful for their first-rate work.

It helps to treat your staff not as they really are - fictional characters in a virtual world - but as real people who need rest and downtime.

Fill your Performance Shop with furniture or a foosball table, or install a treadmill to allow them to exercise.


Making your staff take a break by using the game’s pick-up-and-drag function and moving them to various facilities pays off by rewarding you extra coins.

Gear.Club encourages you to connect your game to Facebook and there are incentives to do so in the form of coins.

Another reason why you should do so is to make use of a helpful strategy that some players may not be aware of.

If any of your friends that play Gear.Club have an engineer that you want, either because you’re lacking staff or their qualities are too hard to ignore, connect your game to Facebook and you can use them in your own Performance Shop.

Handy when you’re desperate for that new high-powered engine.

Gear.Club is all about the details and the game requires you to spend a considerable amount of time at the Performance Shop, fine-tuning your prize cars before heading out onto the road.

But put in the effort and you’ll reap the benefits.