Gear.Club: How to extract maximum performance from your car

“Gear.Club is much more than a quick adrenaline rush; it is an authentic world of cars. Realistic driving experience, with fully simulated engines, powertrains, suspensions and aerodynamics.”

Most mobile racing games available on Apple and Samsung devices are usually very one dimensional; pick your car, hold down the accelerator and race against the computer - but not Gear.Club.

Featuring high-definition graphics, fictional yet stunning race tracks and some of the world’s fastest supercars - all of which are fully customisable - Gear.Club is about as complete and realistic as it gets on the mobile platform.

The sheer attention to detail shown to customisation is what sets Eden Games’ racing experience apart. Once you’ve bought a car, it isn’t just a case of changing the paintwork or replacing the alloys, but tuning the engine, upgrading the gearbox and choosing the best tyres for handling.

Car customisation is a complex yet rewarding job when done properly - so here are five tips and tricks that will help you extract maximum performance when racing against your friends online.

Navigating Gear.Club’s winding race tracks is as much about racing ability as the quality of your car, but both are restricted by driving aids, which help you with braking, anti-skidding and steering.

Driving aids can be a good way for beginners to grasp the basics of racing on Gear.Club, but it’s best to turn them off - or at least toggle the sliders found in ‘Options’ - as soon as possible in order to learn quicker and drive faster.

“Crashing a virtual car has no real consequences, so turn off all assists from the get go so you can learn and familiarise yourself with how the car handles and in which way it responds to steering,” says Gear.Club enthusiast and World’s Fastest Gamer finalist Henrik Christian Drue.

“From my perspective, driving aids limit the transfer of crucial car handling information to you. Various driving aids might get you safely through one lap, but you fail to really drive on the edge, which only lengthens your learning curve and slows you down.”

In terms of the actual car, regular services in the Performance Shop are vital. Colliding with opponents and driving off-road will cause wear and tear on your car, which in turn affects its condition and is represented by the multi-coloured bars.


Once the car’s condition goes from green to yellow, it’s best to have it serviced before it reaches red, which takes even longer to repair unless you’re prepared to pay some gold to speed up the process.

Expanding the Performance Shop - which is made up of various workshops that serve to upgrade and install new parts on your car - is equally as important as your racing career on Gear.Club progresses.

The engine and gearbox workshop occupies one area, as does tyres and braking, while space is also needed for your growing car collection and other less important stations like the Paint Shop.

It’s worth buying a bigger Performance Shop whenever possible - even if it does cost more money - in the long run with regard to adding new workshops that can improve the performance of your cars.

But which workshops and upgrades should you purchase first? Put simply, power and straight-line speed wins races during the early stages of Gear.Club, so prioritise the engine followed by the gearbox and then the tyres and braking.

Too much power and not enough control can work against you later on in races that involve more cornering, though, so be sure to upgrade your car’s handling fairly regularly.


“On many tracks, it can be difficult to exploit the full potential of a powerful car,” explains Henrik. “Handling, on the other hand, can almost be exploited anytime and anywhere.”

And finally, the one workshop you should install the moment it becomes available at level 5: the Hiring Centre. As your car collection grows, more members of staff will be needed to manage and maintain your Performance Shop.

This is where the Hiring Centre comes into play, because you can pay to bring in the best possible mechanics to work on your cars and make sure they’re ready to be raced as soon as possible.

Conquering customisation on Gear.Club requires patience and care, but with the right settings and the right know-how, you’ll be blowing away your opponents and nailing three stars in those championship races.

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