Lewis Hamilton has a rather different problem with the new Halo system

Australian F1 Grand Prix

Helmet designs for drivers have been a part of Formula One for several years now.

And with it, those designs are easy to pick out each driver from another as the cars speed round the circuit.

However, following the introduction of the Halo cockpit protection, current champion Lewis Hamilton is considering scrapping his individual headgear design, saying that it is "pointless." 

Halo, the protection device which has been rolled out onto the cars of every franchise from this Formula One season and onwards, has so far received mixed reviews from the motorsport world.

Indeed, Halo, which has become the mandatory safety device that must be used on cars, has had its outspoken critics within top bosses of franchises in the sport, including Mercedes' own Toto Wolff.

Already, after just one race of the 2018 season, which was won by Sebastian Vettel at the Australian Grand Prix last Sunday, fears of driver visibility from the cockpit has been up for debate and discussion.

And, the frustrations over the Halo device has even seen drivers, including Hamilton, lash out at helmet designs, with the Mercedes man revealing his frustrations about the current situation.

“It’s almost pointless for us painting the helmets nowadays, so I’m probably going to get rid of my paint on mine,” Hamilton said.

“It’ll save weight. I don’t really have a suggestion for it. I’m sure they’ll come up with something.”


Meanwhile, Hamilton's rival Vettel, has since supported the possible idea of personalising the Halo device with their own custom ideas. 

“We should be allowed to design the halo,” Vettel said.

“We can’t negotiate the position of the halo, we can’t put it at the back of the car.

“So maybe it should be up to us to design the halo. That could be an idea, just to add an element to what makes it different from the rest."

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