One big obstacle could scupper WWE's plans to re-sign Hulk Hogan

Premiere Of HBO's 'Andre The Giant' - Red Carpet

Despite everything that has unfolded, there is still the expectation that Hulk Hogan’s return to the WWE is inevitable.

Due to some controversial remarks he made in 2015, WWE distanced themselves from the Hall of Famer but in recent times, it’s looked increasingly likely that he will be coming back, especially since he’s been featured more and more in WWE footage.


Recently, though, it’s been speculated that Hogan could be returning in a huge role. With Daniel Bryan transitioning back into an in-ring superstar, it’s expected that WWE will be turning to a big name to have as the SmackDown LIVE general manager.

However, the company is keeping the fans on edge as they continue to shoot down the notion that he’s gearing up for a return. He was a big part of the Hillbilly Jim Hall of Fame video package and was even pictured alongside Triple H at the premiere for the Andre the Giant HBO documentary.

WWE has made it clear that there have been talks about a return, but there isn’t any sort of deal that’s been agreed. Plus, it’s also been speculated that the manner in which he could return could see him admit his errors and ask for forgiveness. One positive sign of this becoming a reality is that there has been conversation about a return, which shows a relationship still exists.

However, there is still one huge obstacle which could scupper any plans to bring him back.

According to Wrestling Observer Live, the biggest hurdle that could prevent Hogan from making a WWE return is whether the company can make sure that their sponsors are satisfied with the decision.

If the company does bring Hogan back and their sponsors aren’t pleased with the decision, then this could have a negative impact on their relationship.


They added that for WWE, making sure their sponsors are aware of the potential return and being on board with it are more important than Hogan’s actual return.

The impact of sponsors has been shown recently, especially with Snickers - who are sponsoring WrestleMania 34 - forced WWE to change the name of the women’s battle royal following negative backlash from fans.

It sounds like the rewards might not be worth the risk in the case of a Hogan comeback, so now there will be a waiting game to see whether the sponsors will give their approval for WWE to go ahead and re-sign him.

What do you make of the potential obstacle standing in the way of a Hulk Hogan return to WWE? Have YOUR say in the comments section below.

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