WWE fans think they have figured out who Braun Strowman's mystery partner is


It's WrestleMania 34 week and there are still a couple of question marks for the card in New Orleans.

Hardly any participants have been named for the Andre the Giant Battle Royal of the Women's Battle Royal and, of course, Braun Strowman is still partnerless.

The Monster Among Men will challenge Sheamus and Cesaro - The Bar - for the Raw Tag Team Championships on Sunday after winning a battle royal on Raw a few weeks ago.

However, he did so on his own and was subsequently ordered by Raw general manager Kurt Angle to find a partner if he wants to win the titles.

Strowman has kept his partner under wraps despite prompts from his WrestleMania foes and it seems as if all will be revealed on Sunday.

However, WWE fans think the company may have given away his partner after a big announcement on Monday.

It was announced that the Big Show will induct Mark Henry into the Hall of Fame on Friday night, meaning he will be apart of WrestleMania weekend.

Given his history with Strowman, their fantastic matches together and the very public respect Strowman has for Show, it would make the world of sense for the two big men to become an almighty tag team. WWE fans certainly think so:

It was also revealed that Big Show signed a new multi-year deal with the WWE back in January and he has fully recovered from his hip surgery.

Late last year, Show said he believed Strowman could go on to be one of the all-time greats.

The World's Largest Athlete said: "I think so. As long as he stays healthy, he's just got too much to offer. He's got the right attitude, he's got the right intensity and hunger for it, and he understands there's times to be a monster, and there's also times to make other guys look good.

"You can run out there and make yourself look good all day that's not what our business is about. Our business is about making … I've always had a standard philosophy it's: Get the match over, get your opponent over, then get yourself over, if you can do those three things in that order you'll have a long career. That's what you're here for.

"You're here to entertain our fans, give our fans the best competition, the best product possible. And also keep yourself in this business for as long as possible where you're dependable, you bring something unique to the table in any situation you're in, whether you're wrestling a guy that's 5'2" or you're wrestling another guy seven [feet tall]. Versatility and dependability is the key.

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