Tennessee Titans unveil dashing new uniforms for 2018 season

Multi-Platinum Superstar Duo Florida Georgia Line And The NFL's Tennessee Titans Team Up For The 'Tradition Evolved' Concert Event In Downtown Nashville To Celebrate The Titans New 2018 Uniforms

The Tennessee Titans unveiled their dashing new uniforms in front of around 20,000 fans in a ceremony in downtown Nashville on Wednesday night. 

In all, they unveiled three primary uniform color combinations: Navy blue jersey (home), White jersey (away), Titans blue jersey (light blue, Color Rush) and they all look pretty awesome!

Owner Amy Adams Shrunk revealed a little bit about what went into the design of the new uniforms:

 "You take our name, the Titans, and in Greek mythology they were gods, giant gods. The thing that Nike started from the beginning was, Titans, it's superiority. So we wanted that feel. It is going to be what you think of a Titan." Adams told the team's official website.

The event was well attended by raucous Titans fans, who were keen to see the new colours on show, and the team took advantage of the big crowds to give the NFL a nudge about Nashville's suitability as a future host of the NFL draft.

The Titans' helmet, which used to be white with blue stripes, now resembles the team's traditional navy blue colour and has one silver stripe, which mimics the sword from their logo.

The shoulders on the jersey also feature the sword and the numbers the jersey are shaped to resemble the Northeast corner of Tennessee as the state appears on a map.

Also included are red accents and red stars on the inside of the neckline which allude to the stars on the state flag.

And, it's safe to say the players were impressed with what Nike put together!

Pass rusher Brian Orakpo wrote: "Icy Whites looks so good......❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️"

“I love them,” said Orakpo.. “They look great. This is that fierce, tough Titans look that we all wanted. I was kind of skeptical at first with the whole new uniform change and things like that, because you got so accustomed to the old ones, but we are going to love them.

“It kind of symbolizes the Tennessee Titans – the city, the team, everything all in one. … Look good, play good, man. That’s the new motto.”

Two-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman Taylor Lewan was loving the detail on the new helmet...

And here's franchise QB Marcus Mariota donning the navy blue uniform.

GM Jon Robinson described the jerseys as 'fierce' before saying they represent the way the organisation wants to be on the field too: "I think that's the type of football team we want to be," Robinson said.

"We talk about being tough, we talk about being dependable, we talk about having a team-first mindset, but the fierceness within a player to go bite a guy's throat is what we want to be."

Former Titans safety Blaine Bishop pumped the team up about the jersey's further, noting that the team made the Super Bowl the last time they got new uniforms: 

New head coach Mike Vrabel seemed to love the festivities of the night too!

Most importantly, the players were clearly loving them!

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