Watch: Aaron Donald explains crazy recent workout using knives

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals

LA Rams' DT Aaron Donald is the NFL's reigning defensive player of the year. He's a game wrecker, an athletic freak, and arguably the most valuable non-quarterback in football. 

So, you can imagine the panic that came over Rams fans when a video emerged on Twitter last weekend of Donald taking part in a bizarre workout involving knives!

Apparently, evading a man trying to stab you with knives will help make him a better football player.

This might appear to be the world's stupidest drill, but Donald has an explanation and it does make sense (sort of). Firstly, and maybe this should be obvious, the knives aren't real. Though they do apparently still hurt if you get hit by one. 

Secondly, Donald claims the workout is designed to help him improve his speed and reaction time. 

"Everybody see? It's not real,' Donald said. "It's fake. It's supposed to make you react faster and you're hands go faster. You can't die with this. It just hurts when it hits you though."

Donald is doing the rather strange workout, which is a type of training that originated in the Israeli military called Krav Maga, with the aim of improving his already-elite hand speed. Which, in theory, will help him get off blockers faster and therefore increase the frequency with which he is able to penetrate into opponents back fields. 

Donald's trainer, Al Carson, has adapted it to suit football-specific movements and is impressed with his star pupil's progress:

“I am very, very impressed with Aaron,” Carson said. “His hands are just — they’re at a different level compared to the average NFL player. And his eye-and-hand-and-feet coordination are just superior to a lot of the NFL players that I’ve trained. I can truly understand why he is the best defensive player in the NFL, because he’s a different breed. When God made Aaron Donald, he only made one of him.”

Donald notched career highs in sacks and forced fumbles in 2017 with 11 and five respectively. The Rams have added five-time All Pro DT Ndamukong Suh to their riches along the defensive front this offseason, which should allow Donald to be even more effective in 2018. 

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