Why Man Utd fans are angry with MOTD's coverage of 3-2 win v Man City

  • Rob Swan

After watching their team complete a genuinely astonishing comeback against their local rivals Manchester City, Manchester United fans will have been eager to watch Match of the Day on Saturday night.

Which United supporter wouldn’t want to relive the immense high of coming back from 2-0 down to win 3-2, denying City the chance to win the Premier League title this weekend in the process.

It was arguably the most remarkable comeback of the post-Sir Alex Ferguson era – and also one of the most important.

Yes, United have only delayed the inevitable – City are still going to win the title – but they avoided the humiliation of being at the Etihad Stadium to witness their rivals’ jubilant celebrations.

Mourinho and his players proved that there hasn’t been a complete power-shift in Manchester this season. They’ll be back next season with the intention of seriously challenging Guardiola’s side for English football’s biggest prize.

Back to Match of the Day and United fans settled down to watch what Frank Lampard and Danny Murphy had to say about their side’s unexpected victory.

However, many of them were left dismayed by the coverage, believing that MOTD had chosen to shower City with yet more praise despite the fact they threw away a two-goal lead on this occasion.

United fans blast MOTD’s coverage

United fans felt their team hadn’t received the credit they deserved for coming from behind at the Etihad to win 3-2.

But do they have a point – or are they just being paranoid?

Let’s take a closer look…

Well, it *is* rather bizarre that MOTD’s first post-match segment was about Fernandinho. Murphy spoke about the Brazilian midfielder, praising his performance during the first half and suggesting he often goes under the radar.


Did MOTD give United enough credit?

The pundits then moved on to Paul Pogba – his haircut was mentioned, obviously – and Lampard both criticised and praised the French midfielder for his performance over the course of the 90 minutes.

They also analysed Ashley Young’s challenge on Sergio Aguero and were convinced Man City should have been awarded a penalty. Again, that’s fair enough. It should have been a penalty.

And they praised David de Gea for making a couple of cracking saves.

No praise for Jose Mourinho’s tactics? Nothing about Chris Smalling’s winning goal?

You can certainly understand why United fans felt a bit perturbed by the coverage.

Still, they shouldn’t allow that to take the shine off what was a fantastic day for themselves and their football club.

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