BBC's Mike Bushell falls into swimming pool during interview with athletes

  • Sayan Das

BBC’s Mike Bushell has managed to slip into the swimming pool whilst interviewing the British Commonwealth Games swimmers in Australia’s Gold Coast. 

During the poolside chat live on TV, the presenter was just getting ready to speak with athletes Sarah Vasey, Adam Peaty, Siobhan-Marie O’Connor, Ben Proud, and James Guy, who were all sitting by the edge of the pool wearing their team colors and adorned with medals. 

Bushell, wearing something casual for a change, decided to adjust his position in order to get a good angle to speak with the entire team. 

He appeared to get down to the first step in the pool and inadvertently moved slightly deeper thinking the floor would be level. 

Much to his astonishment and the amusement of the athletes, the presenter took a step too far in the water taking a significant dip into the pool, following which, hilarity ensued. 

Just before the plunge, Bushell can be heard saying: “I’m going to be careful because I’ve got a sound pack on.”

As he fell into the water, his initial reaction was that of absolute surprise as can be seen and heard in the video further down this article posted on Twitter. 

While Bushell was fighting for his life in the “deep” end, the reactions of the swimmers went from that of concern to absolute amusement. 

As the BBC man pulled himself out, he managed to continue stay in character and is heard saying: “Sorry about that.”

When he looked up, the athletes were overcome with laughter, with Peaty completely “inconsolable” as described by the presenter himself. 

Bushell then provided a word of caution to the viewers: “Just look before you get into the swimming pool, OK.”

Perhaps it was a warning to himself. Although, much to the credit of the BBC reporter, he managed to take the blooper in his stride and continued in his efforts to interview the swimmers, this time sticking close to the edge. 

He is surely going to think twice before stepping close to a pool in the future. 

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