Dez Bryant shifts blame to teammates in revealing interview on his release from the Cowboys

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Dez Bryant's time in Dallas is up, and he knows exactly who he blames for his exit. 

The former first round pick was released Friday by the Cowboys, and it didn't take him long to reveal all about the clearly sensitive situation to the NFL Network's Jane Slater.

Surprisingly, Bryant took shots at some of his teammates, who he labelled as the [Jason] 'Garrett guys', for apparently leading the push to end his eight-year tenure with the team. 

Watch his fascinating interview below:

"I'll say this right here: I believe that 'Garrett guys' [are to blame]. I would say that," Bryant said when asked if his teammates had something to do with his exit. 

He wouldn't divulge names, but the group he's referring to is understood to include franchise QB Dak Prescott and other team captains: "I won't put no names out, but they know, and I want them to know I know," the 29-year-old said.

"I'll shoot them a text message and let them know. Little do they know is, you know, they can wear that 'C' all they want to, but in that locker room ... they know who they communicate with. Everybody knows where the real love is at. I'm not throwing anybody under the bus, but that's the difference between me and them."

The three-time Pro Bowler was clearly irritated at not being included in the group of captains last season and posited that the decision to exclude him was clearly a personal one by the coaching staff:

"I think me not being named a team captain was mostly on a personal level. I'm just going to be honest because I don't understand why I wouldn't be a team captain. Like I said, you've seen my teammates, you know? They don't even understand the decision." the 2010 first round pick said. 

Bryant doesn't blame Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones for cutting him, and suggested that his longtime friend was forced to make the decision by fellow staff members. 

"Jerry Jones, he loved me to death and I loved him too," Bryant said. "I honestly believe in my heart that this was a hard decision for him. But when it's five, six guys at a table against one guy, you got to do it.

"... It was an unfair situation because if they wanted to get rid of me, they could have told me that. ... I would have respected it."

What next for Bryant?

For Dez, the immediate future involves searching for a new home in the NFL. He's certainly not short of suitors amongst the league's players, with many taking to social media in an attempt to recruit him to their respective cities. 

Texans' Pro Bowl receiver DeAndre Hopkins, for one, certainly seems to like the idea of lining up alongside the now former Cowboys star. 

Bryant might want to stay in division though, so he gets the chance to face his old squad twice a season. 

"I won't say any teams, but being in the division, that's a huge possibility. That's a huge possibility." he said. "That's something that I want. ... It's personal. Like I said, it's very personal. I already had a plan of training and getting my mind right. I just want to do it that much more."

And, it seems like Dez will be playing with one huge chip on his shoulder from now onwards in the attempt to show the Cowboys what they're missing. 

"I'm just tired of being a scapegoat, tired of all of it. I'm a real guy. I'm a real guy and I just want to prove and I'm going to continue to keep proving that on and off of the field." Bryant added. 

Wherever he lands, it'll be captivating to watch Bryant strutting his stuff with a determination like never before, especially if that happens to be with one of the Cowboys' biggest rivals. 

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