The Miz explains why he got a babyface reaction when he beat Roman Reigns at RAW 25

Back in January 2018, Monday Night RAW celebrated its 25 birthday. 

It was one of the biggest evenings in WWE’s calendar, with surprise guest appearances, a title match and a broadcast from two venues. 

Half the show came live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, while other segments came from the Manhattan Center across New York.

It was Roman Reigns who put his title on the line that night. He took on The Miz to defend the Intercontinental Championship, just weeks before the Royal Rumble. 

The Big Dog was dominating early in the match, but once again thanks to interference from The Miztourage – The Awesome One was able to force his way back into the fight. 

Despite Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel being thrown out by the referee, they caused enough of a distraction to allow The Miz time to discreetly remove a turnbuckle.  

Late in the fight, Reigns flew headfirst into the exposed metal ring post, before eating a second Skull-Crushing Finale.

There was no kick out this time – and The Miz began his eighth reign as Intercontinental Champ.

What perhaps made this win more special than the rest, is that he received a babyface response from fans in both the Barclays Center and then the Manhattan Center later on that night.  

Almost three months on, WWE have released a documentary about RAW 25 and The Miz features, talking about the reception he got that night. 

He believes that there’s a reason he garnered a positive reaction from the crowd after beating Reigns. And it’s nothing to do with the heat Reigns has amongst the WWE Universe. 

“I remember pinning him 1-2-3,” The Miz said on WWE 24, per Wrestling Inc. “And just everything becomes warm, and you get this sensation that you kind of feel your eyes water.

“You’re saying, ‘oh my God, don’t cry, don’t cry.’ To hold the Intercontinental title for the eighth time, there’s no feeling like that. 

“Normally when I win a title, it’s a ‘boo’. This time was kind of a cheer. I don’t know. Maybe for the first time I got respect. Maybe.”

Miz went on to say that he had perhaps earned the respect of hardcore fans that night – and that was the moment he knew he had won over the WWE Universe.

“I got to have my celebration at the Manhattan Center. The fans actually reacted to me as if I was a good guy and it was awesome,” he continued.

“I thought maybe I had the respect at Barclays [Center], but at Manhattan Center, these are the hardcore fans. For those hardcore fans to chant ‘thank you, Miz’, I’ve won the respect of the WWE Universe.”

Did The Miz earn your respect after beating Roman Reigns on RAW 25? Have YOUR say in the comments below. 


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