Raymond van Barneveld shows his class during Premier League game with Whitlock

Last night’s Premier League darts event was held in Rotterdam, where fans of the sport were witness to a great gesture of sportsmanship from home favourite Raymond van Barneveld.

Barney was 1-0 up against Australian legend Simon Whitlock at the time when he threw what appeared to be three perfect darts, as referee Paul Hines echoed 180 throughout the arena, much to the delight of those in attendance.

Whitlock then threw his next three darts, at which point Barney graciously stopped the match and informed Hines that the third dart of his previous throw ricocheted off another and actually scored as a three instead of 60.

Slow motion replays confirmed that Van Barneveld was correct and his score was adjusted from 180 to 123.

The five-time world champion had been in the worst form of his career, losing his last four Premier League matches by large margins.

RvB was desperate for a result against Whitlock and even after his act of sportsmanship in the second leg he went on to win the match easily by a score of 7-3. It was great to see a darts legend get back to top form in front of his home crowd.

The Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam was filled with a sea of orange and it was evident that the crowd would be behind their hero as the cheers were deafening during Barney’s famous “Eye of the tiger” walk on.

The Premier League consists of many big personalities, and as darts fans, we have grown accustomed to gestures of animosity between players.

Watch the wonderful gesture in the video below.


As expected, darts fans absolutely loved Van Barneveld’s actions, and were quick to praise him on Twitter.

Recently, Peter “Snakebite” Wright refused to shake the hand of reigning world champion Rob Cross after their match had concluded a few weeks ago.

The etiquette shown by Van Barneveld was an instance of a true legend of the game showing that he does not need to be dishonest, even when on one of the worst losing streaks in his storied career.

The Premier League resumes again this evening, once again in Rotterdam, where Barney will need another fine performance if he wishes to proceed to the semi-finals in May, at the O2 Arena in London.

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