Tyson Fury takes aim at Anthony Joshua once again

Fans of boxing all over the world were understandably delighted when former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury announced he would be returning to the boxing ring.

After a long two years out, which felt like much longer for his loyal fans, Fury has done incredibly well to shed the weight he put on and get back into shape.

Releasing photos and clips on his social media platforms, it is clear to see Fury has dedicated his life to getting back into the ring, and to protect his currently unbeaten boxing record.

Fury, 29, is dubbed as one of the best modern-day boxers, and famously beat Wladimir Klitschko in a highly-anticipated world championship fight in Germany back in 2015, his last fight.

He has great skill in the ring and his towering physique makes it very difficult for opponents to land a punch on him.

Many thought Fury was untouchable, and was on his way to the prestigious Hall of Fame after his commanding victory over the Ukrainian.

However, much to the shock of his fans, Fury was given a two-year ban as a result of a failed drug test.

Some doubted Fury, claiming his career was ‘over’ and it was the upcoming British knock-out artist Anthony Joshua’s time to shine in the heavyweight division.

Fury’s reputation took a further battering when photos showed that he had put on an incredible amount of weight and looked completely unfit to fight.

The Manchester-born man had completely let himself go and most fans began to give up on the hope he would one day return to the ring. Fury always remained confident he would return, however, and told his fans to not give up the hope.

In notorious Fury fashion, the 29-year-old stuck to his word, and people quickly began to notice the differences.

A solid year of hard work and training meant that in April 2018, it was announced Fury would fight again, on June 9, 2018. This news lit up the boxing world, and inevitably sparked speculation of a fight which is craved for by so many – Fury v Joshua. 

Anthony Joshua has been a breath of fresh air for British boxing, and boasts an incredible record in the ring – an unbeaten 21-0 with only one man managing to go the full distance alongside him.

He is the current heavyweight world champion, and holds the belts previously owned by Tyson Fury, who has made it very clear that he is coming to reclaim these.

Speaking in a press conference with the Express, Fury hit out at Joshua, claiming he is a ‘flash in the pan’ fighter.

He said: “If you go back to the days of Mike Tyson, he set the division on fire, people wanted to watch it.

“Although these guys are knocking people out, nobody is knocking the door down to watch their fights really.

“They’re popular and people watch them but Joshua or Wilder combined ain’t no Mike Tyson in the 80s or early 90s.”

Fury has strongly criticised AJ’s boxing style, saying that his power to knock people out cover up for his weak boxing skills. 

“Muhammad Ali, Ray Robinson, Floyd Mayweather. All the great longevity fighters have all been boxers.

“Quick flashes in the pan are the come-forward aggressors who take punishment.”

These comments are sure to ruffle a few feathers, and Fury has previously claimed that Joshua would not last five rounds in the ring with him.

Fury is understandably desperate for this fight, but will surely have to wait for the also highly anticipated fight between Joshua and American Deontay Wilder, which is set to take place this year. 

No matter what the outcome of this fight, there is a strong chance we will be seeing the two British men battling it out in the near future, as Fury targets a strong comeback which will see him conquer heavyweight boxing for the second time.

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