Former WWE star Taz reveals what happens when Vince McMahon depushes a wrestler

WWE has been home to some of the most recognisable sports stars and entertainers on the planet. 

John Cena and The Rock are just two names that began their careers as wrestlers but moved on to bigger things. 

Both men have gone on to star in numerous films and appear on TV – proving that wrestling can be a very successful business. 

They’re perfect examples of what happens when a wrestler is given a huge push – as both of them topped the WWE card for years. 

Of course, every star dreams of having a push similar to that of The Rock or Cena, but in reality, it happens to very few people. 

Roman Reigns is the man that’s been given a similar run in recent years – but fans still haven’t quite warmed to The Big Dog yet. 

Every WWE talent talks of being pushed – but very few explain what happens when things go wrong, and how they end up being depushed. 

No wrestler can last at the top forever – so naturally, one day it will happen to every one of them. According to Taz, the feeling of being depushed is a strange one. 

The retired star, who spent almost a decade in WWE between 2000 and 2009, recently explained what happens when a talent is depushed – and it’s very interesting.

“It’s kind of a slow, gradual thing that happens behind the scenes, and there are little signs that you could tell,” Taz said, on the latest episode of The Taz Show, per Wrestling Inc.  

He revealed that most wrestlers backstage have no idea why they start to get depushed – and it may not even be their fault. 

Taz suggested that if a wrestler does something that rubs Vince McMahon the wrong way, instead of Vince getting angry, he just decides that the push is not working anymore and stops it. 

Brutal. And if anyone knows that feeling it’s him. Taz had a number of pushes after making his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble in 2000 – but all were very short lived. 

According to Wrestling Inc, the website that transcribed the episode, Taz revealed that producers and other backstage personnel also start acting “differently” towards a talent being depushed. 

“Despite always being professional and nice, producers become less talkative and reduce small talk around the coffee pot,” he suggests. 

Of course, wrestlers being depushed aren’t going to be completely shunned by their colleagues. What’s interesting though, is that Taz suggests they’re mostly in the dark about the whole situation. 

That, for most wrestlers, would probably be the most concerning thing – because it could happen to anyone at any moment.  


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