Thomas Bjorn receives superb letter ahead of Ryder Cup later this year

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In what is definitely the most bizarre story of the day, Stephen Atkinson has requested to have his name removed from Ryder Cup consideration, and European captain Thomas Bjorn has posted proof on his official Twitter account.

Now, if you are a golf fan and you haven't heard of Stephen Atkinson, do not fear, you haven't been slacking on your golf knowledge.

Mr. Atkinson isn't a professional golfer. He's just a random man who's written the letter to Bjorn ahead of the competition later this year.

Atkinson, who claims in the letter to be the 52,187th ranked player in world golf, contacted Bjorn via letter to express his desire to withdraw himself from possible inclusion in this year's edition of the Ryder Cup.

Atkinson claims that he is unfitting to represent the Ryder Cup team as vice captain because of his captain duties with his local golf club, the Babalou Golf Society.

Atkinson, however, spectacularly revealed that he remains available in case Bjorn would like to discuss "stragtegy, etc."

The man also claims to have great knowledge in wine and food pairings, something he maintains he can contribute to in future matches.

Thomas Bjorn leaked the message on Twitter brilliantly, with the caption: "Unbelievable.

"Where do I go from here?

"Stephen, please reconsider."

Bjorn is now placed with the task of arranging the Ryder Cup team without the 52,187th best player in the world, something that could keep him up at nights.

The Ryder Cup 2018 will certainly be a spectacular showing, however, this bizarre letter may have taken the cake as the most exciting part. 

It remains to be seen if Atkinson will play any role in the food and wine pairings or in anything strategic in the Ryder Cup teams, however, I think it is safe to assume that he will be watching from home for at least this year.

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