Conspiracy theory is doing the rounds regarding Snooker World Championship

A conspiracy theory has surfaced among snooker fans this afternoon as new pictures have been released of the new snooker pockets, which fans have noticed seem significantly larger.

The World Championship began last week in Sheffield and the TV viewers have noticed something about the pockets and took to Twitter to discuss it.

It centers around how the tables at the Crucible are playing, with some believing they have been deliberately made to favour big breaks, allowing more balls to go in.

One fan, claiming to be sent pictures of the new pockets by a “top pro”, posted the side-by-side images on Twitter with the caption: “Pocket Talk. The two pictures have been sent to me by a top pro. One is the original Star table pocket and the other is the pocket for BBC events.”

The comment generated some buzz on the social media site, including one user who dismissed the claim, saying that there has been no real change and that the fall starts on the same point in each pocket.

To this, the previous user who had sent the pictures replied back with: “The player who sent them said the difference is huge and a massive leveller. ‘Anyone can make big breaks on these’.”

There seems to be no general consensus on how the viewers feel about the new pockets as many tweets seem to be scattered in opinion.

Other fans have agreed with one, writing: “The conditions are better than ever and the pockets are playing generous.”

“The pockets are ridiculously easy to whoever has watched 10 shots! It’s not the new cloth! It’s the slate’s dropping point! A huge controversy that needs an official proof,” posted another.

While another said: “With the bucket pockets in the Worlds this year, expect a good few upsets #Snooker.”

Another supporter added: “Is it me or are at least the black pockets playing a bit loose? Maguire’s first red looked way out to me. #snooker #ilovesnooker.”

Even current professional Mark Allen had to get involved in the conspiracy, replying to the above tweet on numerous occasions, which can be seen below.

Snooker pro Michael Holt received word of the major buzz on Twitter and revealed he had discussed the matter with Jason Ferguson, the Chairman of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association.

Holt wrote: “They’ve been like this for a while. The fall is more curved but @jasonferguson5 says that the fall starts at the same point on each pocket. How curved/severe the fall is after this point is irrelevant. Apparently.”

Despite huge Twitter speculation, there still does not seem to be a clear answer to all of this, which is something that is made public very soon.

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