Josh Rosen's awesome response to questions over his character

NFL Combine - Day 3

Josh Rosen's critics have been plentiful throughout the 2018 draft process. 

He's been called arrogant and difficult, his propensity to speak up on issues outside of football has been denounced time and time again, and yet the former UCLA standout is resolutely refusing to change for anyone. 

Funnily enough, his physical traits and production on the field have been given far less coverage than his polarising personality has. For Rosen though, that doesn't matter. 

Speaking on FS1 show 'The Herd' with Colin Cowherd, Rosen said he won't just be another 'yes man' and is worried about the critics because he's focused on other things; namely, becoming the greatest quarterback of all time. 

When asked by Cowherd if he thought there was something specifically about him that rubs people the wrong way, Rosen said: 

"I've been exposed a little longer than these others guys. I've been in the spotlight for a full three years. Everyone talks about this millennial generation and I think we just know who we are. You can't point to Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers being activists on Twitter because they're just of a different generation.

"But, you can point to a JJ Watt...Chris Long as doing as doing great things in the community and coming from affluent families as well." the former UCLA star said. "The public is used to athletes being more like them...But my whole thing through this draft process has been authenticity. I'm gonna be me. Everyone always get's mad at Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly for giving these one word answers so I give you more but then you guys lose your minds over it, so pick which one you want!". 

One particular area of Rosen's outspokenness that he's faced heavy criticism for has been delving into politics, to which the young signal caller has another smart response. 

"My stance on politics isn't actually about taking a side, it's about getting people involved.". he told Cowherd. 

"You don't want 'yes men' all over the place, because that's not how successful people function."

And, the potential top-five draft pick says he expects his coaches to come into meetings and practices with the same intensity that he does.

"I don't want my coach slacking, I want him to bring it every day just like I do. I want him to push me to be the best that I can be...I wanna come in and be challenged every single day." Rosen said. 

"That's where people talk about me rubbing coaches the wrong way and stuff. It's because I really care about this thing I want to be the greatest of all time and if my coach isn't on the same page as me, we might have issues.".

Asked if he has the patience and understanding that starting and winning immediately isn't always an option in the NFL, he responded:

"I understand why it wouldn't be a good thing to start right away....If my job is to be a waterboy for a year, I'm going to be the best waterboy in the damn country."

Rosen brought a lot of passion to the interview, just like he does every day to the practice field, and one current NFL star was seriously impressed with the young QB's 'fire'. 

Jets safety Jamal Adams clearly liked what he saw from Rosen, which is potentially significant given that his team owns the number three overall pick in the draft.

Rosen is likely to still be available there, and it seems like Adams would love to have the former UCLA QB on board. 

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