Azerbaijan GP crash with Daniel Ricciardo was 'unnecessary', says Max Verstappen

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix was certainly a race full of excitement this weekend.

It was full of twists and turns as well as a certain Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo make contact, resulting in both Red Bull drivers having to retire from the race.

The pair had been racing wheel-to-wheel, literally, with the teammates touching wheels twice, before Ricciardo slammed into the back of Verstappen's car going into turn one.

The two drivers were battling for position and racing well throughout the race, with the Australian having a lead on the Dutchman, when an overcut during Ricciardo's pitstop swapped the two drivers around.

The collision came on lap 40, when Ricciardo tried to play a dummy overtake on turn one. However, Verstappen kept the space to his left closed, meaning the Australian had committed too early and had nowhere else to go other than the back of his teammates RB14 car.

In an interview, Verstappen told Sky Sports F1: "It's really disappointing for the team. We lost a lot of points today, unnecessarily,"

Red Bull failed to claim any points this weekend, after the accident involving the teammates forced both cars to retire.

Verstappen added: "I don't think we need to speak about whose fault because at the end of the day we are racing for a team. We are representing a lot of people and when this happens it is just not good for both of us.

"The tow was very strong so as soon as [Daniel] was in front I was catching up again and we were pretty similar speed. We were always very close to each other.

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix

"Before that it was hard racing, but fair, we gave each other space. We had this little brush with the wheels, but I think in racing that can happen. What happened after that is not good.

"This has happened before and you learn from it. We have to make sure it doesn't happen again. It's not only down to us, we speak to the team as well what we will do in the future. I don't think letting us not race anymore is the way forwards, but we will talk about it.

"Daniel and I are Ok with each other. As racing drivers you go through every inch and of course you are not happy when you collide to each other as teammates, but we are very fair to each other so we spoke immediately after the race."

Ricciardo also spoke after the race, and he admitted he was just as heartbroken as Verstappen.

"I'm pretty down. We're thankful that we are allowed to race. Max and I love to race as we show.

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix

"We did get close a few times in the race already touching. Sometimes we were on the limit and unfortunately it's ended how it did.

"The incident itself, it's a tough one. I thought the gap was opening up on the inside and once I was there I had to commit to that. I'm heartbroken for how everyone is feeling in the team right now.

"We're not into each other right now, it's more just about saying sorry to the team and just apologise the best way we can. We don't want to be in that sort of situation."

The incident led to the release of the safety car, which allowed Lewis Hamilton to secure victory following a burst tyre on the car of the Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas, who lost out on his place on the podium.

Verstappen currently sits in eighth place on the driver standings, whilst teammate Ricciardo sits ahead of him in fifth.

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