Christian Horner didn't hold back after Azerbaijan Grand Prix due to Red Bull crash

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix

The Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has spoken to teammates Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo following their crash during the Azerbaijan GP, which resulted in both drivers being forced to retire.

Horner has said there are no talks to interject team orders following the incident, but has urged the pair to show each other respect on-track in the future.

The two had found themselves in an aggressive race-long wheel-to-wheel battle, almost colliding a number of times during a long battle for fourth place.

Ricciardo was ahead of his teammate for most of the race until positions swapped when the Australian made a pit-stop. However, the Australian was soon back on the tale of Verstappen and the battle for position continued.

Ricciardo tried to go for a dummy overtake, but his Belgian-Dutch teammate didn't fall into the trap and kept his position. This meant space didn't open up for Ricciardo, who had already committed to the move.

This resulted in the collision that saw both drivers crash out of the race and lose out on any points. It's also the second time this season that Red Bull has had a double retirement.

Horner, outraged by the result said that both drivers 'screwed up', putting themselves before the team.

“Things get discussed behind closed doors, but the drivers at the end of the day drive for a team and they both recognise that they have screwed up today,” Horner told Sky Sports.

“They will be apologising to the team, and all members of the team, because it is a team sport and that seemed to get forgotten about.”

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix - Qualifying

Horner added: “Our intention is to continue to let them race, but they have got to show the team and each other respect, and give space.

“They have been reminded that they are part of a team and they have a responsibility in the role that they perform that they are both highly paid individuals to act with the team’s interest at heart, not just their own. The message was delivered very clearly.”

Following the race, both drivers refused to pin the blame on who was at fault, with Verstappen saying it was an 'unnecessary' loss of points.

“I don’t think we need to speak who is at fault because at the end of the day we are racing for a team and representing other people but when this happens it is just not good enough for both of us,” Verstappen said.

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix

“As racing drivers, you go for every inch and of course you are not happy when you collide as teammates but we are very fair to each other and spoke immediately after the race.

“The tow is very strong so as soon as he was in front I was catching again and we were pretty similar speeds and always very close to each other,” he added.

Following this weekend's event in Azerbaijan, Lewis Hamilton is now the Drivers' Championship leader after his win took him four points ahead of rival Sebastian Vettel - with Ricciardo and Verstappen currently in fifth and eighth respectively.

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