Technical expert believes he knows what Ferrari's secret paddle does on Vettel's car

Recent claims that Ferrari’s cars were illegal, and that they were using special engine maps to blow exhaust to the rear wing, have been rubbished by the FIA

An investigation was launched after it was claimed Ferrari were using enhanced vehicles in order to boost performance in recent Grands Prix. 

These claims came after it appeared there was a mysterious paddle coming out of championship leader Sebastian Vettel’s steering wheel.

However, today these claims were effectively put to bed, and it was revealed Ferrari’s vehicles are “100% legal”. 

Suspicion arose after various different news outlets reported on the issue, and Vettel himself gave an unconvincing reply when asked, saying: “I haven’t seen it,” with a cheeky smile planted on his face.

This could of been Vettel’s way of laughing off reports, as he prepared for the Baku Grand Prix after finishing in pole position in qualifying. 

The question many F1 fans were surely asking was, if it is legal, then what on earth was this mysterious paddle coming out of Vettel’s steering wheel?

It certainly was a mysterious situation, but many fans had their minds put to ease this morning as technical experts diagnosed the problem. 

“The lever is almost certainly simply a second way to activate the clutch,” a technical expert told Germany’s Auto Bild.

Despite official confirmation and Vettel himself denying any mysterious activity, some fans are still sure to be slightly suspicious of the whole case.

The fact little has been said to prove the paddle was not infact enhancing Vettel’s performance, and how the whole situation has been deftly swept away from the media, is sure to raise some eyebrows throughout the Formula One world.

However, little can be done or said from now, as the FIA confirmed no further investigations would be conducted. 

Now that the whole situation has been put to bed, Ferrari and Vettel himself will be ignoring any speculation and solely concentrating on the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix, as Vettel aims to better his fourth place position in the recent race in Baku.

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