Tony Bellew recalls David Price making David Haye dance in sparring session

Boxing fans from all over the world will have their eyes glued to the TV on Saturday May 5, as Tony Bellew will fight David Haye in the 02 Arena, London.

This bout is highly anticipated, as an injury to Haye in the first fight overshadowed Bellew’s victory, and then a bicep injury in training for the rematch meant the scheduled fight was postponed, leaving eager fans to patiently wait to see a rematch of the two heavyweight fighters.

It was Liverpudlian Bellew who came out trumps last time the two faced each other, with an 11th round TKO on the well-respected and vastly experienced Haye.

This came as quite a shock to the public, as Bellew put on weight to climb two divisions for the fight, and because of this many, expected Haye to ‘demolish’ him, and give the optimistic Bellew a reality check.

However, Bellew’s confidence and optimism prevailed, and he stopped ‘the Haymaker’ towards the end of the fight.

David Haye was gracious in defeat, but also made the point he was in fact injured and stated that he relished a rematch, which Bellew was more than happy to agree to.

With the much-awaited fight just days away, Bellew has appeared to hit out at Haye in a interview with XO, a channel on YouTube.

The half-an-hour long video shows him discuss many things, but the thing that caught the eye of many was the comments about Haye and his spar with fellow heavyweight David Price.

Bellew, who was in attendance of the spar between the two greats, claimed that Price hit him so hard, he spun “360 degrees” claiming “he had never seen it before, and never seen it since.”

Watch the video below. [Scroll to 14:30 for Bellew’s quotes on the Price sparring session]

Bellew did not stop here, and much to the delight of the interviewees, went on to mock Haye, saying he did a dance because of the fact he was hit so hard, and stated that the sparring session effectively injured him, forcing him to pull out of his next fight.

However, despite the mockery, Bellew did have some slight words of praise for his opponent, claiming that in a sparring session the Haymaker hit him the hardest he had ever been hit.

He also went onto praise Haye’s career, admitting it is something he admires personally.

Bellew’s comments are interesting to say the least, but many believe they could be mind games, and his words are an attempt to unsettle his opponent ahead of their fight, which has a whole lot of dignity, pride, and of course careers on the line.

A lot of words are sure to be spoken in the next few days, but we will all see who means business when the fight takes place on May 5.

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