Browns exec reveals why Cleveland selected Baker Mayfield over Sam Darnold

2018 NFL Draft

Out of all the top prospects at quarterback that were available for the Cleveland Browns with the number one overall selection of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Browns shocked a lot of people by selecting Baker Mayfield above everyone else.

Many believed the Browns had former USC quarterback Sam Darnold rated number one on their draft board, but a couple of days before the start of the draft last Thursday, rumours started to emerge that they could go with Mayfield instead, and sure enough, they did.

It has been regarded by many as an odd selection by Cleveland since a lot of people see Darnold as the most complete quarterback available in a draft since Andrew Luck back in 2012. Thankfully, a Browns executive has taken the time to explain the team's thought process behind the pick.

Speaking to a crowd at a Hall of Fame luncheon in Canton, Ohio, on Monday, via, Browns Vice President of Player Personnel Alonzo Highsmith offered insight into what exactly drew the team to Mayfield over the other top quarterbacks of Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Josh Allen.

Highsmith said: “Here’s the honest to God’s truth. From the start of this college football season to the end of the season, I had Darnold No. 1 and Baker No. 2, (Josh) Rosen No. 3, (Lamar) Jackson No. 4 and (Josh) Allen after that.

“On our way through everything, you couldn’t tell me Darnold wasn’t the best. I did all my evaluations of the season. Then comes the part where you meet them off the field. You watch their workouts. You watch everything. And Baker blew me away. Highly, highly intelligent. Highly competitive.

“And he had a trait that some of the good ones have. I call it efficacy. That includes the power to effect other people. I thought that of all the quarterbacks I watched, he stood out far and above the other guys. When he walked into a room, you knew he was there.”

Rose Bowl Game - Oklahoma v Georgia

After Mayfield was taken with the first overall pick, Darnold was taken third overall by the New York Jets, Allen was taken at the number seven spot by the Buffalo Bills, and Rosen was selected by the Arizona Cardinals at number 10.

Mayfield did enough to persuade the Browns to take him, but when you have people comparing him to Johnny Manziel and the same people comparing Darnold to Luck, you have to start to wonder if they have once again messed up their quarterback selection.

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