Boxing analysts tell Tony Bellew the weakness he will need to expose in David Haye


As the rematch between Tony Bellew and David Haye is set to take place this weekend at the O2 arena in London, BBC boxing analysts Steve Bunce and Mike Costello have suggested that Bellew will need to take advantage of Haye's one glaring weakness to repeat the result of last year.

Bellew shocked the world when he claimed a surprising victory over Haye in March 2017, taking advantage of an Achilles injury to his 37-year-old opponent and firmly putting himself on the map in the heavyweight division.

During an interview with the BBC’s 5 Live Boxing podcast, Bellew, 35, explained why he is ready to repeat the feat this coming weekend, saying: “He should have realized after the first fight, I’ve always believed I could beat him.

“He thinks I don’t believe I could beat him. I’ve always believed I could – I would have beaten him 10 years ago. Styles make fights.

“He’s a better fighter than me, he’s quicker than me, he’s stronger than me, he’s got a better career than me, he was a better amateur, better pro, he’s won more world titles but styles make fights and that is all it is down to.

“I have a very good boxing brain and I can adapt, it doesn’t matter what he does. I know what he is going to do before he does it.”

Bellew then went in to describe Haye's glaring weakness that makes him extremely vulnerable to a second defeat, which was then analysed by pundits Bunce and Costello.

“We were talking about Haye’s punch resistance, which in the past has been criticised,” Costello explained, per the Express.


“I do remember in the build up to Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg in 2011, everybody was saying on the outside, those who felt Haye didn’t have a prayer, were saying the first time Klitschko connects with one of those big right hands, it is all over.

“At least half a dozen times, he connected with those big right hands but interestingly, and I’ve watched it back since Tony Bellew said this, he connected on the chin of David Haye.

“Bellew says David Haye’s problem is around the temple. He’s got a really strong chin but he is weak around the temple.


“He is weak around the temple and the guy that proved that is called Lolenga Mock, he caught David Haye high on the temple [in his seventh fight in 2003]. That is where he gets hurt, so he is absolutely right, Tony Bellew,” Bunce added.

Last time out, a spectacular showing was given to the boxing world, will Bellew beat the odds again at the weekend to defeat Haye once more? Let us know in the comments below!

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