Carl Froch reacts to Tony Bellew shoving David Haye during their face-off

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The build-up to Tony Bellew v David Haye got very heated on Thursday afternoon.

During their final press conference, the two fighters got very acquainted with each other during the customary face-off, leading to Bellew shoving his opponent in the throat.

Eddie Hearn tried to jump in, while Haye was held back by his team. Looking back at the footage, Bellew appears to be the one in the wrong, with the Bomber explaining after that he pushed Haye because he thought he was going to kiss him.

The WBC cruiserweight champion said: "It was just a little push and shove. He just wanted to get closer. We came close to kissing but it's not that kind of party and I had to remove him from my space.

"The mask comes off on Saturday. I've never tried to get under his skin. It doesn't matter if he loves or detest me. I don't know why he wanted to get that close to me."

It was a real show of aggression from Bellew and boxing expert Carl Froch expressed some concerns about the Bomber's actions.

The Cobra thinks Haye has won the psychological battle this week.

Froch said, per Sky Sports: "I've just watched the final press conference and that shove at the end has got me thinking David Haye has won the psychological war in the build-up.

"He did not bite in Liverpool and that was always going to be the acid test, but he has been calm and collected all week.

"Tony was always going to try and wind him up, get under his skin and get him swinging for the lights like he did last time, but it just has not worked.

"He has been insulting, to the point with his digs and taking the mickey out of him, but there has barely been a response. If David had tried to shove him back or confront him, it would be a different story.

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"Maybe Bellew's frustrations came out with that shove. It was nothing we haven't seen before other big fights, but it can be the last chance to get to someone. Looking back over the week you can see why Bellew was going to give it one final shot.

"Not just because he wanted to wind Haye up, but because he hasn't managed to. When things annoy you, especially as the fight gets closer, you need some way of letting it all out. A shove might not seem like much, but it can work."

It's an interesting theory, one which suggests that Haye is going into the rematch with a much clearer mindset to partner his improved fitness.

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One thing is for sure, Saturday night is going to be big for British boxing.

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