Lewis Hamilton amusingly not interested in Miami Grand Prix

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton may have had a rollercoaster start to the current F1 season, but he put it all to one side as he discussed plans for a new Grand Prix in Miami from 2019.

F1 bosses at Liberty Media see the addition of a second Grand Prix in the States as the perfect way to grow the sport there.

Miami City Commission will vote May 10 on a proposal to supplement the US Grand Prix in Texas with another leg of the F1 calendar in the Sunshine State.

And, party loving Hamilton proved keen to pre-empt the inevitable jokes which would be sure to surround his participation at such an event.

“My friends messaged me and told me about their plans to hold a Grand Prix in Miami,” Hamilton told UBS Formula 1.

“I said ’I’m not winning that one then because it’s a party town’.

“There will be lots of women there and lots of distractions - maybe it could be a non-championship race?

“Maybe I will have to stay out of town.”

Hamilton can consider himself fortunate to head the drivers’ rankings after winning his first Grand Prix of the season at the fourth attempt in Baku.

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix

The defending F1 champion capitalised on a pile-up between Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen which disrupted arch-rival Sebastian Vettel.

“Baku was definitely an interesting weekend, but one I’m grateful for,” he added.

Mercedes failed to win either of the first two Grands Prix of the season for the first time in the hybrid era and Hamilton commented: “It’s definitely the toughest season that I’ve ever competed in.

"I was at the factory yesterday and hopefully there's something taken from that.

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix

"There over 1,600 people in our team and they have been working extremely hard to correct the mistakes.”

The next stop on the calendar is Spain, and that takes place next weekend.

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