Lewis Hamilton explains why he gets on so well with Valtteri Bottas


The 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix was a race full of action and excitement from lights out, including the shock retirement of both Red Bull drivers, Sebastian Vettel losing out on a podium finish and Formula 1 rookie, Charles Leclerc scoring his first points by finishing 6th.

One thing that didn't go unnoticed was how once Lewis Hamilton secured victory at the Baku City Circuit, he headed over to a distraught team-mate, Valtteri Bottas.

Bottas was set to claim his first race win off the season with Hamilton safely behind in second when he struck debris on track, causing a puncture that forced the Finnish driver to retire from the race.

Hamilton's reaction after the race was certainly in contrast to that of former team-mate, Nico Rosberg, whom he had a clear issue with as he was beaten to the World Championship in 2016.

That rivalry was not forgotten as the Brit praised current team-mate Bottas for his attitude off the track as he insists he is happier with the team now.

“The great thing with Valtteri compared to rest is he doesn’t blame the car,” Hamilton told UBS Formula 1, per the Express.

“If I win he says I’ve done a better job.

“If I‘ve won then I look at myself and say he has done a better job.

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix - Qualifying

“Every other driver doesn’t do that. A lot of other drivers couldn’t deal with the fact that I’m quicker.

“That’s really why we get on the way we do and that’s why we get on so well.”

Hamilton has also spoken out about how some other competitors would try and 'sway the team' and use dirty tactics to gain an advantage.

He said: “Some drivers try and sway the team to give them the advantage such as quicker pit stops.

“I hear some driver’s ask reporters ‘how do I get into Lewis’ head?’.”

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix

Although some might assume the four-time world champion is aiming a dig at former team-mate Rosberg, he's made it clear he's the happiest he's ever been whilst with Mercedes and driving alongside team-mate Bottas.

"It is very relaxed, it is easy environment wise,” he added.

“He is driving exceptionally well which is great to see.

“My dad would always say do your driving on the track and I always do.

“I am also one who looks to myself first if we are not performing well. I want to take most of the blame.

“But we have got a great team who always take a share of the blame.”

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