WATCH: The GiveMeSport NBA Playoff Show, episode four - did the Jazz really figure out James Harden?


Throughout the NBA playoffs, we here at GiveMeSport are hosting our weekly NBA Playoff Show, where myself and Max Whittle break down the action. Now into the second round of the 2018 NBA Playoffs, here today we bring to you episode four.

Discussed and analysed on this week's episode:

- How did the Jazz adjust their p&r defense?
- Is LeBron in the Raptors' heads?
- Is Terry Rozier becoming a star?
- Is Draymond really that good on D?

GiveMeSport is the official media partner of the NBA in the United Kingdom, and we aim to here create regular NBA content that UK fans can be proud of. We aim to bring you high quality NBA news, views, analysis and stories via any medium possible. And so with that in mind, also take the time to check out the second episode of The GiveMeSport NBA Podcast.

Episode one features as its guest Marc Stein, New York Times senior writer. The topics covered are as follows:

00.31: How to pronounce (and spell) Marc Stein
01.23: How can Americans love football, and how can the British love the NBA?
04.32: A cold rainy Tuesday night against Bournemouth
08.57: How to promote the NBA in the UK
13.39: The American sports' franchise model versus the British need for local ties
18:40: How do the Utah Jazz slow James Harden?
22.37: Start Alec Burks?
24.07: Is Harden's playing style going to hinder the league down the road?
27.05: Is there a potential X-factor for the New Orleans Pelicans in reserve?
28.53: Don't call him Playoff Rondo....
32.52: Has the Golden State Warriors' defence slipped that little bit too far?
36.52: Is Paul George done in Oklahoma City?
40.19: How long will it take the Dallas Mavericks to find a path to competitiveness?

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