Chris Sutton's savage reaction to ballboy getting stung during SPL game

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Chris Sutton has and always will be a figure that divides football fans.

While some find his his brutal honesty on social media and while commentating hilarious, others believe he is unprofessional and biased.

Being a former Celtic player, Sutton regularly mocks Rangers and he was once again scathing in his analysis following last weekend's 5-0 thrashing in the Old Firm derby.

Rangers were dreadful at Celtic Park, so much so that Sutton penned on Twitter: "Rangers look like a pub team."

He's so controversial that a petition was recently created to have him removed from BT Sport as a commentator for Scottish football.

"I think it's fair to say that Sutton has run his course with BT Sport, specifically in Scotland," the petition reads, which you can see here.

"Constant bias, inappropriate and disrespectful treatment of guests, a clear agenda and probably the dullest pundit on television.


"He ruins the product and it's turning into a pantomime. This petition is to see him removed form the BT Sport football shows (Scotland initially)."

So far 342 people have signed the petition, with the goal being 1,000. What would happen if that target was achieved remains to be seen.

Sutton was his savage self once again on Friday night while commentating on the game between Partick Thistle and Ross County, which ended 1-1.

Except it wasn't one of the teams on the receiving end of Sutton's ruthlessness, but one of the ballboys who stung himself while picking the ball out of some stinging nettles.

In the video below, the young lad uses his hands instead of his feet to collect the ball and inevitably gets caught.

Not the smartest decision, I think you'll agree, yet Sutton has caused a stir after what he said about the ballboy getting stung.

"I mean, how stupid can you get?" said Sutton as the camera panned on the boy shaking his hands in pain. "Putting your hands in stinging nettles, come on."

He's just a kid, Chris. In typical Sutton style, some fans found his comments hilarious while others slammed him for mocking the young ballboy.


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