How Johnny Nelson reacted to David Haye's weight ahead of Tony Bellew rematch

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The biggest grudge match in British boxing is just hours away from being settled.

David Haye is putting his career on the line against Tony Bellew at the O2 Arena, 14 months after he suffered a brutal defeat to the 'Bomber' in a fight that he thought would end in the opening rounds.

Instead, an injured Haye was pulled out by his trainer in the 11th round to give Bellew the win.

It was a devastating blow to the 'Hayemaker' and one that you sense can only be rectified by a convincing display of revenge tonight.

Boxing fans got their last look at Haye and Bellew the second time around at yesterday's weigh-in.

Nelson reflects on Bellew v Haye weigh-in

Haye stepped onto the scales in impeccable shape and Bellew showed off a physique very similar to his condition for the original bout.

And with Haye appearing in a better place mentally and taking his opponent seriously, it's coming down to small details such as weight to even separate the two fighters.

Sky Sports pundit Johnny Nelson has even admitted that he can't call the fight, a rarity for the former cruiserweight champion.

Tony Bellew v David Haye - Weigh in

Nelson: A lighter Haye is bad news for Bellew

Nevertheless, he shared some very interesting thoughts on the weigh-in with iFL TV.

Nelson drew on comments made by Bellew before the first fight that indicates the Evertonian could be in for a harder challenge against a leaner and lighter Haye.

Nelson explained: "That was interesting. Last time they both fought, David was 16 stone and nine pounds, Tony was 15 stone and three pounds.

"This time, Tony is 15 stone and four pounds, David is 15 stone and 10 pounds. There's six pounds between them.

"It tells me David is taking this a lot more seriously. Tony said last time that the lighter David comes in, the harder the fight is going to be. When David walked in a 16 stone and nine pounds, he couldn't believe his luck.

"So now, this is going to be interesting because it's not about fitness, it's not about injuries, it's about tactics."

The lighter Haye comes in, the harder for Bellew and the 'Hayemaker' is almost an entire stone lighter. Food for thought.

It also prompted Nelson to theorise that tonight's bout could play out like Carl Froch vs George Groves II.

Froch - represented by Haye - made numerous mistakes in the first fight, the 'Cobra' only won under a cloud of controversy, but took absolutely no prisoners the second time around.

"It reminds me of when Froch boxed Groves, and Froch made a monumental mistake and almost a detrimental mistake the first time around," Nelson continued.

"I'm just curious but Haye looks very confident."

Who do you think will win this time around - Haye or Bellew? Have your say in the comments section below.

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