Jerome Rivera suffers a horrible arm injury in TKO loss at LFA 39

Sadly, one thing that comes with the risk of competing in mixed martial arts is the fact that fighters can sustain some of the nastiest injuries you wish you could unsee.

When you mention injuries to UFC or MMA fans, perhaps the most recent injury which still makes your stomach churn is seeing how Anderson Silva broke his leg when he battled Chris Weidman in their highly anticipated rematch.


There was that amateur fight when an eye popped out, Frank Mir has been responsible of snapping heavyweight like Tim Sylvia and Minotauro Nogueira like they were branches while Jessica Eye connected with Leslie Smith’s cauliflower ear at UFC 180 to leave it exploding in a fountain of blood.

That’s just scratching the surface.

This week at the LFA 39 event, we were in for another gruesome arm injury which will definitely want to make you look the other way.

At Legacy Fighting Alliance 39 in Vail, Colorado on Friday, a flyweight contest between Brandon Royval and Jerome Rivera ended in disgusting fashion which ended in a truly nasty arm break – and then a subsequent TKO loss right after it.


Following an exchange against the cage, it looked as if Royval’s knee strike dislocated Rivera’s arm as he tried running away from him – as you’ll be able to see in the clips below – while his arm is dangling unnaturally as he looked to escape from Royval’s onslaught.

Sadly for Rivera, the referee didn’t notice the arm break right away, and this allowed him to absorb some more strikes, such as a big shin strike to the face, before he did notice after absorbing some more strikes and then jumped in to stop the fight in what was a truly bizarre and gruesome ending.

Obviously, the arm isn’t supposed to bend that way and if the clips above left you wanting to see the exact moment Rivera’s arm was dislocated, then check out the slow-motion version below where you can see frame by frame just how and when Royval did break Rivera’s arm.

It’s clear that the referee should have done a better job of noticing this obvious injury, while fans have criticised the final knee strike from Royval with many claiming it was completely unnecessary.

What did you make of the nasty arm injury Jerome Rivera suffered? Have YOUR say in the comments section below.

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