The Cleveland Browns are doing something interesting to help Baker Mayfield

Reese's Senior Bowl

The NFL Draft has come and gone and the Cleveland Browns decided that it was former Oklahoma star Baker Mayfield who would be the man to lead them forward into what will hopefully be a golden era. 

With the number one pick in the Draft, and the need for a new star quarterback, it's Mayfield who GM John Dorsey put his trust in to deliver success.

This is despite some of Mayfield's flaws, one of which is the signal caller's height - or lack of it. 

At a smidge over 6 feet tall, the talented Mayfield was overlooked - figuratively as well as literally - by a lot of analysts as not having the height necessary to be a franchise quarterback.

The list of vertically-challenged star QBs isn't a long one, with just Russell Wilson and Drew Brees representing the 6'1 and under guys.

The Browns know this, however, and it seems like they are immediately looking to make sure that it isn't a problem.

Rookie camps are well underway now and coaches are getting their first chance to look at their newest drafted players. While he's not battling for a position on the roster like a lot of first-year players, Mayfield is still being put through his paces.

And he's being made to play taller. Yes, this is a thing.

The Browns released a video onto their social media pages of Mayfield going through a drill. Here it is...

This all looks innocent enough on first viewing and just like a normal passing drill. But former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky spotted something very interesting.

It looks like the Browns are coaching Mayfield to throw on his tip-toes. And there's a good reason for it. 

The Browns are basically getting Mayfield to copy Drew Brees. If he can end up playing like the Saints quarterback then this is all worth it. 

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