Ferrari reveals simply ridiculous new Halo design innovation ahead of Spanish GP


Images of emerged of Ferrari's innovative but, to be honest, crazy new design for the Halo ahead of this Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

The first race of Formula 1's European season always sees the introduction of major upgrades to the cars, with designers looking for every ounce of performance they can find, that can sometimes bring with it some very unique concepts.

And the Scuderia has certainly produced that by moving their mountings for the mirrors from the chassis, as has always been the case, to the Halo itself.

The change was somewhat anticipated with the FIA giving the idea the green light several weeks ago and issuing guidelines on how such a design could work.

Their main concern was that the mirrors would have to be properly supported and remain stable at high speed to avoid impacting a driver's vision.

This had to be achieved while also meeting other criteria that stated the mirrors could not be supported both on the Halo and on the chassis itself.

It was this that Mercedes technical director James Allison was commented as saying that made the idea of mounting mirrors on the Halo very difficult, however, Ferrari has found a way around this issue.

From the mirror support, a secondary element in the form of a winglet also acts as a stabiliser for the mirrors themselves with a small rod of carbon fibre attached from the winglet to the outer section of the mirror.

It is a truly excellent piece of design as it moves the mirrors to a more aero-friendly part of the car while also generating a little more downforce through the additional winglet which will likely pass scrutineering due to the role it has as a stabiliser.

Whether it will remain legal remains to be seen as, given this is the first such example of this design, the FIA may see it and look to clamp down on it and similar solutions in the future.

Personally, this writer would like to see the governing body intervene and take a firm stand against it.

The Halo was introduced for safety purposes and not for teams to start hanging aerodynamic pieces off them like Christmas trees.

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The small winglets that have been permitted are as far as the designers should be allowed to go with Ferrari's Halo now just another example of the no-limits approach F1 teams have.

It is this that has led to changes being introduced in 2019 to simplify the wings because they hurt the racing and in the future, similar attempts to reduce the complexity of the bargeboards are also likely.

This also highlights the excessive, wasteful spending on the development of designs that the sport needs to address if it wants to try and level up the playing field in the coming years.

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