Spanish Grand Prix organisers make awkward spelling mistake

Hamilton goes quickest in first practice

The Spanish Grand Prix weekend got off to a rather embarrassing start in practice, when someone made a very glaring spelling mistake.

In an attempt to promote the event on social media, organisers decided to display the #SpanishGP in bold red letters on the track.

However, whoever painted the promotion obviously wasn’t top of the class when it came to spelling!

They unfortunately added an extra ‘i’ and it turned into #SpainishGP - see below.

After causing a bit of a stir on social media, officials have since had the paint over the original hashtag and adjusted it to the correct spelling.

At least they weren’t in charge of branding all of the merchandise and it wasn’t permanent!

On the track, Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas was the fastest during the first practice session with team-mate Lewis Hamilton back in second.

After looking off the pace for the past couple of races, Mercedes will be pleased with their early pace-setting.

Hamilton currently leads the Drivers’ Championship this term and he will be desperate to get back to challenging for P1 on Sunday.

The world champion recognises his latest performances haven’t been good enough.


He said: “If this weekend we happen to get on top of the issues we have with the car and start to be more consistent then I will be a lot happier because I know then I can punch either at my weight or a little bit above.

"But at the moment I am punching below my weight and that is not sufficient to win a world championship.

Despite Mercedes looking good for the victory at this early stage, fans will be hoping the thrills and spills of the season so far continue over the weekend.

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