Robbie Fowler raises an interesting point about Wayne Rooney's season at Everton

It’s been a rollercoaster of a season for Wayne Rooney on his return to boyhood club Everton.

On the one hand, the all-time England top scorer has returned as the main man, standing with one game left as Everton’s top Premier League scorer on eleven goals.

That isn’t to say the season has been easy though, with the Blues flirtation with relegation early in the season resulting in the appointment of Sam Allardyce.

They are now comfortably mid-table, yet turgid football and a lack of excitement on the pitch means that the mood at Goodison Park is still gloomy.

The last place Rooney would expect to find sympathy is the red half of Merseyside, however Liverpool legend and “God” Robbie Fowler claims that the Striker is an “innocent victim” of Everton’s poor season, as per his column in the Daily Mirror.

“I honestly don’t know what is happening there, but, as an ex-player, I can tell you a lot of what happens at football clubs depends on what is going on behind the scenes.”

“If it’s not right, then it does affect what happens on the pitch.”

“Rooney seems to be a fairly innocent victim of that. In a better team, I think he would still offer something”.

“I hope Everton can sort out their problems and allow him the dignity his position as one of the best of his generation deserves.”

The signing of Rooney was controversial in the Summer, after his acrimonious departure from the club in August 2004.

He remains a top earner for Everton despite being past his prime, making Fowler’s comments somewhat surprising.

Rooney has been strongly linked with a move to the American MLS this Summer with DC United.
Fowler himself chose to move late in his career, to play in the Australian A-League, and says he understands if Rooney chooses to ditch the pressure of the Premier League.

“Genuinely, no matter what the fans are saying, inside his head he will believe he can easily play on at Everton for another year or two.”

“Yet Allardyce doesn’t appear to think that and it seems that the owner of the club is starting to look at his wages and his contribution.”

“Rooney doesn’t need that, which is why he is probably looking at the States and talking to DC United”.

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