5 things we should see from the Cleveland Browns on Hard Knocks


So it's official, after much speculation it has finally been announced that the Cleveland Browns have been named as the team to appear on the 2018 edition of Hard Knocks. 

The Browns were the favourites to land the series, with some believing that NFL Films were going to pick San Francisco instead - with Jimmy Garoppolo having his first preseason with the 49ers and Kyle Shanahan continuing his rebuild of the famous franchise. 

Instead, it falls to the Browns, who have a number of interesting storylines that could play out over the course of the series. And we're going to take a look at some of them right here. 

1) Hue's Going in the Lake

Hue Jackson made a promise and he is going to keep it. After saying that he would jump in Lake Erie if the Browns didn't improve from 2016 - they got worse, going 0-16 - the Browns head coach now has to do his dip. 

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns

We are absolutely going to see this on Hard Knocks, and it should be great. I'm expecting it to be the opening shot of the entire show - with Liev Schreiber's narration talking about how Cleveland went winless and now they're hoping for a rebirth, as Jackson pops out of the water. Poetic. Predictable, but poetic. 

Baker Mania

The man that Hue Jackson called a "Pied Piper" while he wat Oklahoma, Baker Mayfield is an interesting character and you can bet we're going to get a lot of time devoted to the number one overall pick. 

We're absolutely going to get something about his redemption following his actions during his time in college, including a run-in with law enforcement and his flipping the birds to an opposing teams sideline during a game.

The Browns are looking for Baker Mayfield to completely turnaround the franchise, and we're going to see just how they do that, as well as his battle with Tyrod Taylor for the starting gig. 

NFL Combine - Day 3

Josh Gordon's Redemption

Another star man, another redemption story. Josh Gordon has had some serious struggles during his NFL career. He should be considered one of the best in the game, a continuous Pro Bowler and All-Pro candidate. Instead, Gordon has spent over a year on the sidelines due to suspension. 

Now he's back in the fold and we get to watch as he rebuilds his career and reputation. Also, hopefully we get to see him make plays like this...

The Coordinators

Hue Jackson is a rather calm, soft-spoken and boring head coach (no offense, Hue) so the show producers are going to need some members of the coaching staff to step up and be big personalities. 

Thankfully for the execs, the Browns have two coordinators that should make for good TV. On the offensive side of the ball is the brash Todd Haley, who will be in his first season at the Browns after being released by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And then there's Gregg Williams, a Hard Knocks veteran after being on the show during his time with the Rams. Williams is unlikeable, to say the very least, and is another brash personality that likes things done his way and is very willing to shout at players when an opportunity arises. Expect a lot of this...

Celebrating Myles Garrett

If Baker Mayfield is going to be the star of the show on the offensive side of the ball, then Myles Garrett will take the crown on the defensive side. The 2017 first overall pick out of Texas A&M, Garrett is a pass-rushing phenom, even if he didn't get to show all of that last season thanks to injury. 

But it's not Garrett's play that will garner much attention, with what he gets up to off it being likely to turn heads. 

Garrett is an interesting guy. He loves dinosaurs, wants to be a palaeontologist after his football career finishes, and says that he's going to make sure he keeps writing his poetry to keep him sane him during football season. We are 100% going to hear one of these poems - and probably listen to him talk to us about T-Rex's. 

The Browns may not be a great team, but they're definitely going to be an interesting one to spy in on for this series of Hard Knocks. We're already looking forward to the first episode.  

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