Outspoken former WWE name reveals how they can fix the Roman Reigns problem


Despite the WWE’s continued efforts to make Roman Reigns the face of the company, the fans are making it increasingly difficult as they just refuse to embrace him.

Obviously, turning him heel is the answer many will shout out as it’s clear that he has a perfect look to play an incredible villain. However, with WWE trying their hardest to have The Big Dog carry the company as the protagonist both inside of the ring and in front of the media; turning him heel might not be the best immediate solution.


The longer WWE waits, though, the more dissent there could be towards the former Shield member, as unfair as it is. However, it’s not only fans that want to see him flip the switch and become the bad guy, as Stone Cold Steve Austin also wants to see it happen at long last.

Now, the outspoken Jim Cornette has revealed the best way to fix this entire Reigns situation is that Daniel Bryan needs to get involved in getting Reigns over as the ultimate heel.

When he was speaking to Busted Open Radio in a lengthy interview, Cornette claimed that fans’ love for Bryan should play a part while the writers should also be kept away from him; allowing him to do his own promos.

According to IWNerd, excerpts from his interview read: “I would somehow, because Daniel Bryan was the root of it - and we can go back to [Wrestlemania 30] - if he’s the root of it, he’s got to be involved in it. They should somehow get those guys together.

“I’ve talked about this on my podcast before - I bought some stuff out of my ***, this might be the same or different - but in some way, get those guys together in terms of an interview or a tag team match.


"In the 2018 or 2019 version or whatever of their ‘Die, Rocky, Die!’ Unleash it. [Have Roman say] ‘I have deserved this. I was born into this. I was going to have all of this, and it was because of [Daniel Bryan], you little *****!’ And unleash it, hopefully, some of it real, but at the same time, he doesn’t have to be a ‘heel’ heel, because he doesn’t trust anybody and doesn’t like anybody.


“I wouldn’t have him lay Stephanie out right off the bat, but depending on which way this goes, if he just starts running roughshod all over everybody on both sides of the roster, he doesn’t like management, he can’t give a **** about the fans. If you want to boo him, give them something to boo, and grab some kids t-shirt and wipe his butt with it and throw it back in his face.

"I don’t care, just let this guy be the most unsavoury, anti-everybody [guy], and keep the writers away from him. Let him do his own promos about how he feels. If you don’t make it a project, he doesn’t have to be in the top angle right off the bat. Just leave him be to cause chaos. Put as much emphasis on him being against everything and everybody as you have trying to make him this ‘smiley ice cream bar’ guy, and see what the people do.

"At least this gives him a fair chance, and if he gets heat it’s the right reaction, but if he gets ‘go away’ heat, he might have to go away. After all, as we all know; how could I miss you if you won’t go away? Maybe they’ve just botched it, and it might be unfair to him, but give him a chance by doing something different.”

Reigns has already admitted that he'd be ready to turn heel to face Bryan, so the story makes a lot of sense where fans would finally get their wish.

What do you make of Jim Cornette's suggestion on how WWE can fix the Roman Reigns situation? Have YOUR say in the comments section below.


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