What Highlanders winger did to receive a red card in Super Rugby tie was seriously brutal

Super Rugby Rd 14 - Waratahs v Highlanders

Super Rugby is no place for the faint of heart.

The southern-hemisphere tournament is notorious for attritional, hard running rugby and is responsible for some almighty hits, year in, year out.

However, it has on occasion also been the scene for the ugly side of rugby, with some truly appalling and frankly dangerous tackles regularly punctuating some of the sublime play that we have come to know and love.

However, Saturday's clash between the Highlanders of New Zealand and the Waratahs of Australia will be remembered not for a dreadful challenge, but for the most incredible of brain fades that saw Fijian winger Tevita Nabura kick out an opponent with a move that would not have looked out of place in the Shaolin Soccer movie.

The remarkable karate kick happened after just 17 minutes when, while challenging for a high ball, Nabura extended his leg and connected with an onrushing opponent's face in what looked like a very intentional, but completely non-sensical move.

Staggeringly, having just been booted in the face, opponent Cameron Clarke went on to complete the tackle.

Madness. Imagine the scenes if this had been a football game!

Naturally, Nabura was issued with his marching orders after the referee halted play to consult the television match official.

The replays were rather damning and the more you watch, the harder it is to understand what might have been going through the speedsters brain in the moment.

Super Rugby Rd 14 - Waratahs v Highlanders

Having been left a man short for the majority of the affair, the Highlanders were trounced 41-12.

You have to give Nabura some credit though, he is absolutely miles off the ground, and in the right environment, would probably have been applauded for a stunning flying kick.

Unfortunately, the rugby field is not the place for such antics, and he was rightly sent fo an early shower.

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