Andrew Luck health update good news for Indianapolis Colts fans

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Indianapolis Colts fans know the value of a top-level quarterback. Not having their number one signal caller available has led to the last two times the AFC South side have had a losing record.

Peyton Manning was missing in 2011 when the Colts went 2-14 and his successor Andrew Luck sat out last season as Indianapolis ended the campaign 4-12.

Luck’s first three years in the NFL were impressive and the Colts made the playoffs every season but he’s now had three tough years with his shoulder surgery in January 2017 not doing enough to keep him in shape for last season.

But the latest update on his health is very promising and something which will give Indianapolis fans a lift after three barren campaigns in terms of playoff appearances.

Indianapolis Colts’ Chris Ballard was the man to provide the comments on Luck at a local fundraiser, with the general manger explaining that the 28-year-old is the ‘strongest I’ve seen him, both mentally and physically’.

“I mean, look, we’re sitting on a unique human being; what he stands for (is) everything we want to stand for,” Ballard explained, per the Colts’ website. “Really, one of the growths that I’ve seen in Andrew — I mean, Andrew is very talented, and he’s been talented his whole life. And we’re really getting to see some of his internal grit right now to get over a hump that was very difficult to do.”

But forget the hyperbole, when will Luck actually begin throwing again with the season less than four months away?

“Do I wish he would just go out there — and let’s just fill the stadium and let’s just throw 150 balls? God, that would be great. But that’s just not where we’re at. Whenever that does happen, and whenever No. 12 goes under center in regular season action, there’s no doubt that the team will see that same inspired Luck take the field once again.”

Most importantly, Ballard believes the chip placed on Luck’s shoulder during this torrid time out will see him return to NFL action a new man ready to prove his worth again.

“I think it’s a great thing when you have a great player with a chip (on his shoulder) — and we’ve got one,” Ballard added. “And that’s going to be fun for all of us.”

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