Tyson Fury is planning a shock career change when he retires from boxing

  • Kat Lucas

When Tyson Fury was suspended from boxing in October 2016, it’s fair to say many fans were sceptical about his chances of a comeback.

The Gypsy King was not in the best frame of mind and his weight rocketed to 26 stone during his time away from the sport, but he has proved his doubters wrong and will return to the ring to face Sefer Seferi on June 9.

The heavyweight will be 30 in August, which means that he has frustratingly missed two years when he should have been at his peak.

The last time he fought was in November 2015 when he beat Wladimir Klitschko in an epic contest in Germany.

Yet, you get the feeling it has always been about the bigger picture with Fury.

On the one hand, his comments about his dislike for boxing have been dismissed as attention-seeking in some quarters, but equally, it’s quite possible that his passion has waned over the years.

Indeed, in an interview with The Sun, he has already been planning his next move when he hangs up his gloves and though the chances of his dream career change materialising seem pretty slim, at least he has given it some thought.

Is this really going to happen? 

The former world champion explained: 

“I had a choice and I chose boxing first but, after boxing, I am going to be a doctor.

“I made that decision a few years ago. I am going to be a doctor and I am going to help people. When I have finished in a few years, I’ll still only be in my early 30s. Then I’ll study for the next seven years to be a doctor.

“If I’m 40 and a qualified doctor, I’m still a young doctor. That is what I intend to do. I studied very hard at school but I turned to sport because that was my calling — and I’ve got to the highest level in that.

“Whatever I put my mind to, I do well. I think doctors and nurses do a fantastic job, they’re underpaid and without them we’d be in a lot of trouble.”

Just imagine for a moment, popping down to your local GP, walking through the door and being signed off for a prescription by Tyson Fury.

Then again, plenty of fighters have gone down unexpected paths. Nigel Benn is now a volunteer with a Christian organisation, Manny Pacquiao is a Senator in the Philippines, while George Foreman spends his time flogging grills.

What is pleasing to see, however, is that for as long as Fury is active, he is now enjoying himself again and is solely focused on putting on a show against Seferi.

“Boxing never meant much to me before. It was strictly business — but this time it will be fun for me and entertainment for everyone,” he added.

“Everything you love that becomes business, always ends up s**t basically.

“When it is about making money it can become monotonous. It was c**p, it was just a job, something I didn’t enjoy.”

Will Fury still be at his best when he returns? Have your say in the comments. 

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