Moto3 rider explains what he was thinking when pulling off one of the greatest saves in history


Motorcycle is racing is not for the faint of heart.

Racers are separated from the tarmac by mere inches while flying around bends at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.

It is no surprise then that Moto GP is considered one of the most dangerous breeds of motorsport out there - and that is what makes it so entertaining.

In a sport known for some of the most incredible overtaking manoeuvres and last-gasp wins, the riders have to be freakishly skilful to reach the top, or even to stay on their bike entirely.

For Moto3 rider Jakub Kornfiel, this was very much the case, when he was forced to summon up all the skill and nous he possessed to avoid what could have been a very nasty spill.

After an opponent crashed right in his path, Kornfiel was left with absolutely nowhere to go - and so simply decided to go over the stricken bike in front of him.

Staggeringly, Kornfiel used the bike as a ramp, launching himself into the air before landing and, after a slight wobble, rejoining the race.

Makes it look easy, doesn’t he? Put your average person in that position though, and they are coming out of it with more than a few bumps and bruises.

Kornfiel’s miraculous on-track antics quickly did the rounds on the internet as he received mountains of praise for pulling off what has been described as one of the greatest saves in history.

“I just said, ‘ok, it’s like during motocross training’ – just open the gas, try to survive in the air and stay on the bike. When I landed it was very soft in the stones, I didn’t feel anything,” said Kornfiel when asked to explain what was going through his head at the time.

“I just stayed [on] the gas. Going in my mind was only one sentence, ‘keep the gas’, because I know when you land in motocross you always need to have [the] throttle [opened].”


Cool as a cucumber then.

“We checked the data very carefully [with] the KTM engineers from the factory,” he said. “I jumped 9.6 or 9.7

“I jumped 9.6 or 9.7 metres, almost 10 metres, it’s quite long!”

10 meters! And he made it look a completely routine occurrence.

Rather you than me Jakub.

Kornfiel, who probably should've ended his weekend in a doctor's rooms, eventually finished in sixth on the day.

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