Colby Covington takes credit for McGregor turning himself into police


Colby Covington has made himself a notable name in the mixed martial arts (MMA) world - mostly due to his relentless trash-talk outside of the cage towards elite fighters outside of his weight class.

Covington has attacked the likes of Conor McGregor (featherweight and lightweight) and Jon Jones (light heavyweight) on social media in recent months.

He is one of the top-ranked welterweights in the world and is scheduled to take on former 155-pound champion Rafael dos Anjos for the interim welterweight title at the upcoming UFC 225 pay-per-view (PPV).

Brooklyn Assault

The fight was originally rumored to take place in Brazil at UFC 223, however, the fight was then moved to Chicago at UFC 225.

Rumors began to circulate indicating that the fight was moved due to the actions of McGregor in Brooklyn during UFC 223.

The Irishman and several of his friends from his native land flew to New York on a private jet seeking revenge on Khabib Nurmagomedov, who got into an altercation with McGregor's training partner, Artem Lobov, earlier that week.

McGregor then attacked the fighter bus in which Nurmagomedov was sitting in, throwing a dolly at it and shattering a window - injuring several fighters from the broken glass in the process. 

He then fled the scene and was in hiding for several hours before turning himself into the local authorities. McGregor was later charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief.

The Irishman will face his charges on a scheduled June 14th court date. A lot of fight cards needed to be reshuffled after McGregor injured those fighters on the bus in Brooklyn - UFC 224 included.

King Colby The Bounty Hunter

When Covington was asked in a recent interview if his fight being moved from Brazil to Chicago had anything to do with McGregor's actions, he quickly dispelled that rumor (quotes via LowKickMMA):

“It had nothing to do with the McGregor incident. They wanted this moment in American history to happen on U.S. soil.

"The filthy animals in Brazil don’t deserve it,” Covington told Fightful.

“If we get the steroid version of RDA, it’ll probably take me until the second or third round to finish him.

"If we get the clean version, he’s leaving on a stretcher. That’s a spoiler for you.”

UFC Singapore Fight Night

He then went on to take credit for McGregor turning himself into police that weekend in New York. Covington was on a plane to New York that day and threatened on Twitter to go find McGregor and bring him in himself:

“I was actually getting on a plane to New York as it happened. He’s a coked up little leprechaun.

"It’s funny how I put a tweet that King Colby the bounty hunter was coming after him, he turned himself in.

"He knows what would happen. I would dunk that nerd underwater and make him quit,” said Covington.

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