Frank Warren issues update on Tyson Fury's future plans after June 9

Tyson Fury Press Conference

Fight fans expecting fireworks in Tyson Fury’s comeback fight are in for a big disappointment if promoter Frank Warren has his way.

Mindful that Fury’s battles with depression and other demons have kept him out of the ring since 2015, Warren has put his man up against the unknown Albanian Sefer Seferi, a former cruiserweight and 10 years his senior.

For the June 9 bout in Manchester is designed as nothing more than a tune-up for Fury, as he builds momentum for a possible showdown next year, or the year after, with current heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua.

“I made it very clear from the beginning that he wouldn’t be going in with any world-beater to start with,” Warren told Boxing News.

“He’s got to get the ring rust out of his system.

"Tyson has been out of the ring nearly a thousand days.

"And it’s not like he’s been in the gym ticking over during that time. He’s had all sorts of other crap going on, some self-inflicted, some not, and that takes its toll.

"He’s had a lot of family stuff going on, but now he’s in a good place and it’s our job to get him a couple of fights under his belt and step him up to fight Anthony Joshua.”

Seferi is not expected to land anything significant on Tyson, but should not be expected to roll over in the opening round either.

Tyson Fury Press Conference

“He (Fury) is going in with a guy who went 10 rounds with Manuel Charr (current WBA (Regular) heavyweight champion). If he can go 10 rounds with Charr, he must be durable and must have a bit about him. That’s a decent yardstick for Tyson.

“I know he fought at cruiserweight, but so did many heavyweights. He won fights at cruiserweight. He wasn’t losing them. So, he’s a good yardstick at this stage of the game.”

Come through against Seferi and there’s every chance of more of the same for Fury in his next fight, scheduled for September.

Warren offered little hope to those looking for a match-up against the likes of fellow Brit Sam Sexton.

Boxing at Elland Road

"I just want to keep him busy,” he said.

“I haven’t even thought about who the next guy is going to be. He might be someone of that (Sefer Seferi) ilk.

"I think you suck it and see. You see what happens over the next few fights and then make a decision.”

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