Miami could be hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix in the future

There is no getting around it, Formula One is home to some of the best road racing in the world. 

You can often find them in some of the most famed international locations, like Shanghai and Montreal to name just a couple.

F1 only has one American race on the schedule, taking place at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

But, could another big name city be hosting F1 racing in the future?

The answer is possibly, because rumour has it that Miami, a popular tourist hotspot in Florida, is considering hosting a Grand Prix for F1, and would like to have it on a Sunday morning in order to capitalise on a worldwide live and television audience.

Earlier this month, Miami’s City Commission approved plans to host a street race next year.

That decision means the city and the event organisers, led by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, are now free to negotiate the terms of the deal, which will run from 2019 to 2028, with F1 management.

Details of the race itself are sketchy in places. A circuit layout has been circulated on social media, although, according to ESPN, this is just a draft.

The proposed circuit is also the subject of a dispute over the area of land around the AmericanAirlines Arena — the home of the Miami Heat — which may prompt alterations to the final layout.

It appears that those in charge of planning the event want to keep it from getting too deep into downtown Miami, mainly to avoid the homeowners associations and big businesses, who would have no problem driving them out.

The latest reports show that if it were to make it onto the 2019 calendar, the Miami Grand Prix would take place in October before the annual Grand Prix in Austin.

Generally, F1 racing begins in the early afternoon, but in recent years, races in areas like Singapore and Abu Dhabi have started in early evening hours to put the floodlights to good use.

According to Ken Russell, the city commissioner for the district set to host most of the current circuit, Miami is open to the prospect of going in the other direction to accommodate as many viewers as possible.

“The [planning] deck I received giving an intro to the race and what might be involved suggested a morning race because of the air time around the world, that if we had a morning race in Miami it would be an afternoon showing in Europe and a prime-time race in Asia,” Russell told ESPN.

“A morning race may not have as much of the nighttime visual excitement, but it’s still a really impressive backdrop with the sky-line and such.”

Another reason Russell might be leaning towards a morning race on Sunday is because it would be taking place in the middle of football season, with Ross’ Dolphins playing at nearby Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. 

If the F1 race does make next year’s calendar, it will kick off a big six months of sport for Miami — in February 2020, that stadium will host the NFL’s Super Bowl to crown the 2019 champion. The last time the city hosted that event was in 2010.

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