Lewis Hamilton demands new format for Monaco Grand Prix


British Formula One star Lewis Hamilton has made the outspoken suggestion to consider a new format for the Monaco Grand Prix in order to increase excitement in what was previously a very dull affair.

Hamilton, alongside his former McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso, had little positive to say about the spectacle on Sunday, saying the latest Monte Carlo event was the worst they could remember.

It was a race dominated by tyre conservation.

Following the race, the Brit was recorded saying it wasn't really racing as he spent most of the race cruising around.

As is tradition, the Monaco Grand Prix event took place just hours before the Indy 500. Alonso, a competitor in last year's edition of the Monaco event, took to social media via Twitter to suggest the latter was hosting the "REAL" race on Sunday.

A Monaco native himself, Hamilton remains a huge fan of the local Grand Prix, but believes that improves can be made to the format to increase the level of excitement.

"It's got the biggest build-up," Hamilton said.

"It's the most special race of the year. I was thinking, 'It's just a shame that the race isn't as exciting as the whole spectacle and the track is'.

"There's no place like it, but I think Formula One needs to apply a different rule or schedule or something. You shouldn't be able to do a one-stop here.

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

"It's just insane how little I was pushing, the least that I can ever remember."

Hamilton, the top ranked F1 racer in the world, would welcome any tweak to the circuit or any minor schedule change that he sees fit for spicing up the event.

"I said to Prince Albert the other day maybe it's time to make [the circuit] longer. We are doing one minute elevens around here, there's more roads. Do we change this great track and make it even better.

"Maybe it's got to be a different format, something here. You shouldn't be able to do a one stop because that's less exciting for fans. There's got to be some mix up, more mix up things but I don't know what it is.

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco - Qualifying

"Jeez, if you look at NASCAR they put in a bunch of Safety Cars in for no reason at all to bunch the pack up. Like there's a tear off on the track which they don't even have tear offs. There's like a hundred yellow flags, I mean safety cars, in the race but it brings them altogether.

"It's just the greatest track. Maybe we need two races here, who knows."

Whether or not Hamilton's ideas will be looked into, it certainly remains an intriguing proposition for competitors and fans who crave more excitement in Formula One.

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