Lewis Hamilton sets Daniel Ricciardo funny challenge for Monaco pool tradition


As with Mark Webber in 2012, a Red Bull victory in Monaco was always going to be met with the lucky driver celebrating with the famous backflip into the pool.

This year's edition ended a bit differently than usual, however, with Sunday's victor Daniel Ricciardo hilariously opting to do a belly flop into the pool instead before being joined by all of his team in the water.

So how was Ricciardo, champion of the ‘shoey’, inspired to do the belly flop?

It turns out that third-placed competitor, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was very much a proponent of the idea and as you can see in the video further down the page was able to convince his Aussie rival to mix up the tradition.

Ricciardo was asked in the post-race press conference: "Daniel, in the past with Red Bull we have seen victories celebrated by jumping into the pool and jumping in the harbour. What will you do?"

He responded: "As I said, the pool looked a little bit worse for wear yesterday, so maybe the harbour is cleaner — and it’s higher, so maybe more fun.

Hamilton: then chipped in with:  "You’ve got to do a good jump where you land flat and make that slap."

DR: "A belly flop?"

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

LH: "Yeah, a belly flop. Can you do a belly flop? The belly flop challenge. Everyone has done a backflip and a normal jump. You gotta do a belly flop."

DR: Well, belly flop, maybe I’ll try a front flip, which could be a back slap.

LH: "Or the pike. Have you heard of the pike? It’s when you jump and land on your back."

DR: "No."

LH: "Come on!"

DR: "Maybe we’ll have a pool party. Maybe we can start drinking early."

Ricciardo’s poolside celebration followed the podium ceremony, where he received his winner’s trophy from Prince Albert, Monaco’s reigning monarch.

The Australian racer refrained from offering Prince Albert the traditional "shoey" after quietly being advised not to.

"I was kind of warned not to maybe offer it to him!” Ricciardo told Sky Sports.


“After all, we live here, so we have to be a little bit careful in the things we do. I had to be a little bit careful, let’s say that.”

Princess Charlene did share some of Ricciardo’s winner’s champagne in what topped off a very fun and successful day for Ricciardo and Red Bull in Monaco.

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